Sleeping Pill Dependence

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When I first got my sleeping pills right after my father passed away, I told myself that I wouldn’t grow to depend on them.  I have now figured out that I have failed in that.

I have gone three nights without my sleeping pills because I forgot them at my apartment (an hour and a half away from where I currently am).  Let’s just say that, for lack of better word usage, those three nights have been hell for me.  I can’t get a full night’s rest.  I wake up from terrible nightmares several times a night and just can’t get back to sleep.  On top of that, I saw my massage therapist yesterday.  She worked on some HUGE knots that I have in my shoulders and back right now.  And I mean REALLY worked on them.  I was in so much pain last night, and still am in pain as some of the knots are still there.  Let’s just say that I am functioning off coffee right now and looking forward to taking my sleeping pill tomorrow night as I know that it will give me a good night’s rest.


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