Goodbye Wisdom Teeth

I took today off of work for some appointments.  One of them was a dentist appointment.  My fear of what they would tell me came true.  I will be getting out my wisdom teeth because they have started to bother me and are impacted.  When I talked to my dentist about this she asked, “Now, would you like to be put to sleep while this is done?”  I looked at her like she was CRAZY and replied, “Uhhh ya…I do…definitely.”  She just laughed and put in a referral for me to an oral surgeon.  There is NO way I want to be awake for that.

I am planning on scheduling this operation for Christmas break so that I have time to heal….and I am a Grinch this year anyways, so why not be in pain for the holidays?  Then I have an excuse to lay in bed all day!

I already have some anxiety about this because I have never been sedated before.  This will be the first “surgery” I have.  But, I guess I would rather have this done than have to wear braces again, or deal with this pain anymore.


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