Dear Future Husband 2

Dear Future Husband,

Hello again.  It is me….your future wife.  I am writing to you again because I so long to meet you.  I so long for you to hold me and tell me that everything will be fine.  To tell me that I will always have you and you will never leave me.  I so long for you to hold me as I cry and hear you tell me that it is okay for me to cry.  That I don’t need to hold it all in and be strong anymore.  I long for you to be there in my bed as I wake up from nightmares as you let me bury my head in your chest and cry as I tell you all about it.

I know…I am probably dreaming or sounding like a “hopeless romantic” right now.  I just wish I knew you because right now all I really need is a friend.  And what I need most of all is to hear someone speak the words “I love you” to me and mean them.

I can’t wait until the day I walk down the aisle to marry you.

Love Always,

Your Future Wife



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