Arabella’s Destiny Cover


I was cruising through Pinterest the other day and came upon this picture.  I am not sure who created it, but know that if I ever finished and published Arabella’s Destiny, I would want this (or something similar) to be the cover.  To me, it represents Arabella looking out at her destiny.  It is treacherous as she tries to find her mother, keep the Wetterman Fashion Studio running, and battles with what her true destiny should be.  In my views, she is caught between two worlds.  The one she desperately wants, and the one that her mother created for her that she is now trapped in.  Throughout the book she will have choices to make over which destiny she pursues.  Should she jump into the treacherous waters and pursue her own destiny while searching for her mother, or remain on the shore doing exactly what others tell her to.  Which will become her destiny?

Side note:  I have really been working on the next entry.  I am stuck on the “drama” that exists in it and am trying to get it just right.  You should be getting a new entry by the end of the weekend.


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