Arabella’s Destiny #5

Things are slowly heating up!  Enjoy! 🙂

P.S.  Thanks to the lovely blogger, kishanthakar, I have realized that some readers may be jumping into this story right now and not know that there are actually 4 parts to it already.  Free awesome shout out to this blogger!!!!! 🙂 So, if you are a new reader, you can find the first chapter of this story here.  Links will be provided on each entry to guide you through them.

Lucas led Arabella to a car and helped her in.  “That man has SOME nerve!”  Arabella muttered as she buckled her seatbelt.  “I need to stop at my place and pack a bag before we go to your place.  So, we will go to my place first.”  Lucas said matter of factly.  “Wait….what?”  “I need to stop and get some things.”  “Why?”  “Uhhhh….I have to spend the night at your place.  To protect you.”  “What?”  “I will always be with you Arabella.  It’s my assignment… job.”  Arabella tightly crossed her arms, “Ugh!  Are you kidding me?  This Kevin guy better get his ass in gear!”  Lucas shook his head and drove off, “Kevin knows what he is doing.  He is the best detective there is in this city.”  Arabella glared at him, “Who’s side are you on?  I thought as a bodyguard it was your duty to be on my side!”  “Well, do you want me to say he is bad when he is working on finding your mother?”  Arabella rolled her eyes and went to staring out the window, “Whatever.”  Lucas pulled up next to an apartment complex and parked.  “You better come with me.”  “Why?”  “Because it is my assignment to make sure you are never alone.”  “Just go…what’s the worst that could happen to me?”  “Uhhh…not going to answer that one.  Just get out.”  Arabella clenched her teeth and spoke in anger, “I saaaaaid….what’s the worse that could happen to me?”  Lucas stared into Arabella’s eyes, “Okay, you want to play that game?  Fine.  The same person who took your mother could jump in this car, tie you up, and drive off with you.  Then, they could take you to the same place they have your mother show her to you, which she could be dead or alive, have their fun with you, and murder you. Or, have fun with your mother and murder her in front of you…that is if she is still alive.”  Arabella’s mouth dropped.  “So, are you staying here, or coming with me?”  Arabella rolled her eyes, “Fine.”  She got out and followed Lucas to an apartment.  Lucas let her in and closed and locked the door, “I’ll just need to grab some things.”  Arabella nodded and Lucas went to another room.  Arabella looked around and noticed a smell in Lucas’s apartment.  It smelled of man.  It was a mixture of old pizza boxes, sweaty clothes, and male cologne.  This place definitely smells like man….and wow….what a mess!  Is this guy ever home?  He must not have a girlfriend.  I bet he doesn’t even know how to do laundry.  He’s probably a mommy’s boy.  Great….my bodyguard is a momma’s boy….He’s probably a whimp.  So much for that!  This Kevin dude is worthless!  My bodyguard is a whimp!  I will just have to wait until he goes to sleep and then I will sneak out and try to find mother.  Arabella was lost in her thoughts when Lucas came out with a bag.  “Sorry for the mess.  I haven’t been here much.”  He is definitely a momma’s boy.  Always at mommy’s house.  I wonder why he doesn’t just live with her…hell…what am I thinking?  I still live with my mother.  Who am I to judge?  Arabella thought as she scanned Lucas up and down.  “I have just been working on a hard core murder case and it’s been taking all my time and well…now I am assigned to you.  So, there just isn’t time to clean.  It usually doesn’t look like this.”  “I see…it’s okay…my house looks nothing like this.  My mother keeps it very pristine.”  Lucas nodded, “I would guess so.  After all, she is Clara Wetterman, the ruler of the fashion world.”  Arabella let out a sarcastic laugh, “Oh…yes….that is her alright.”  Lucas nodded again, “well, let’s get going.”  
Lucas helped Arabella to the car and Arabella gave him directions to her house.  Arabella noticed that her house had yellow investigation tape all around it and police cars were blocking it.  “What is going on?”  Lucas ignored her question, “It looks like your house is surrounded.”  Arabella was confused,  “WHAT IS GOING ON?  DID THE KILLER COME BACK WITH MOTHER?  PARK NOW!”  Lucas parked and Arabella took off in a sprint towards the house.  She was about to approach a police officer and ask what was going on when she was tackled to the ground.  Arabella tried fighting back, but her legs and arms were pinned down and someone was on top of her.  She looked up and met an angry Ralph’s eyes.  Great…not him again, Arabella thought.  Ralph shook her, “WHAT DID YOU DO WITH HER?  I KNEW YOU WERE A SELFISH BRAT!  YOU JUST COULDN’T LET HER BE HAPPY COULD YOU?  NO!  YOU FOUND OUT THAT SHE WANTED TO MARRY ME THEN WHAT DID YOU DO?  YOU KILLED HER!  YOU KILLED CLARA DIDN’T YOU?  YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!  SHE IS YOUR MOTHER!  SHE GAVE YOU EVERYTHING!”  “RALPH!!! STOP….GET OFF OF ME!”  “NOT UNTIL YOU TELL ME WHAT YOU DID TO CLARA!”  Ralph shook her harder.   “I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING TO HER!  STOP!  YOU ARE HURTING ME!”  “YOU BRAT!  SELFISH BRAT!”  Ralph had a good hold on Arabella.  He scared her.  She began to wonder if he was the one who hurt her mother.  She wondered if he was going to kill her right here, right now.  She knew that he probably would if he could.  Before he could hurt her anymore, Ralph was pulled off her and handcuffed, “Sir, you are under arrest for assault.”  “Assault?  HA!  Talk to her!  CLARA’S DAUGHTER!  She probably KILLED HER OWN MOTHER!”  Ralph was trying to get loose and go back to Arabella.  Arabella backed up on the ground because she knew this time Ralph would show her no mercy, “you did it!  Didn’t you?  You killed my mother?”  Arabella whispered.  Ralph shook with anger as he tried to get loose, “HER OWN MOTHER!  CLARA, MY LOVE!  THE BRAT KILLED HER!”  A police officer came and shoved a needle into Ralph’s arm.  Arabella watched as Ralph went numb and fell into a sleep in the police officer’s arms.  He had been tranquilized.  Ralph was shoved into a nearby police car as Lucas helped Arabella up, “are you alright?”  “Uh…ya…I am…just a little embarrassed I guess….”  Arabella stared at Ralph in the police car, Did he really do it?  Did Ralph kill mother?  And if he did, why did he do it?  A police officer came up to Arabella, “Ma’am, who are you and why are you here?”  Arabella couldn’t speak.  She was too confused by all that had happened during the day.  Lucas spoke up, “This is Arabella Wetterman, Clara’s daughter.  She lives here.”  “I see.  And who are you?”  Lucas took Arabella’s hand in his, “I am her boyfriend.  I am spending the night here to make sure she is alright.”  “I see….well, you two better get inside before something else happens to Miss Wetterman.”  Lucas nodded, “Of course sir.”  Lucas wrapped his arm around Arabella’s waist, “Honey, let’s go inside and get you safe.  I will make you a nice cup of tea and you can take a nice long bath.”  He kissed Arabella on the cheek.  Arabella was still confused by everything.  All she could do was nod as Lucas led her inside with his arm still wrapped around her waist.   

*****You can find entry 6 here.


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    1. That’s alright! 🙂 This is a work that is currently in progress, so I post new entries/chapters once I finishing writing and editing them. You can find all entries under the “creative writing” tab on my home page. Enjoy! 🙂

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