Loving Myself and Others Journal #7

Now that my graduate work and volleyball season is done, I have a lot more time to myself.  I almost don’t know what to do with all the time.

I have been working out for 30-45 minutes every night (yay me!).  It is helping me feel better.  I need to strengthen my muscles in my core and back, but first work on healing my shoulders from some major knots and pain I am having in them.  So, I am trying to take it somewhat easy on my workouts.

I have also been back to reading books every night.  My most recent read is that of Intensity by Dean Koontz.  A fellow blogger recommended this book to me.  Let’s just say that the title of the book is exactly what it is….intense.  It’s about a killer living “with intensity” as he craves feeling all worldly sensations and a girl who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  The book was so intense that I could not put it down.  I read all 430 pages in two nights and found myself wanting to skim at the end so I could find out what happened.  A GREAT read.  I highly recommend it, but it you get queasy easily over reading murder scenes I would recommend you maybe not read it.  Or, you just skip over those parts.  It does get pretty detailed in some parts and there were parts were I definitely gagged over the details provided.  All in all, I would highly recommend this book!

I am now working on reading The Memorist by M.J. Rose (suspense/thriller) and Hero at Large by Janet Evanovich.  I am also studying for the GRE and finishing up some grad school applications.  Basically anything to avoid watching television because I CANNOT STAND holiday shows this year.  They just make me angry.  So, I do other things instead.


3 thoughts on “Loving Myself and Others Journal #7

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  1. Awesome job working out! Not just good for your body but good for your brain and releases feel good chemicals!
    I’m guessing you hold your stress in your shoulders and neck? I find that periodic stretches throughout the day help me relax, plus being mindful and checking in with my body. Often I find my shoulders are all scrunched up to my ears and my posture has gone to hell (I have a desk job).

    1. Yes, I do hold all my stress in my shoulders and neck. I have to see a massage therapist every three weeks to attempt to loosen it. Recently, I bought a TENS unit to help and that has done WONDERS for helping me loosen up. I use it every night right before bed. I also do try to stretch it as well, but give up easily because I hear “pops” and “cracks” when I do it. Deep breathing and some yoga poses do wonders helping me relax, but I just haven’t done those in awhile.

  2. Great that you have volleyball to keep you going… sports has kept me alive for sure. I can’t watch TV either, and joined Netflix for all of 5 minutes before I decided that there was nothing for me! I’ll take your cue and go see if I can pick up a novel to read. Glad you’re having a couple of good days in a row!

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