Take Off Your Robe of Mourning and Misery


I went to church this morning.  The first line of the first scripture reading really got to me.  This line is that of this: “Jerusalem, take off your robe of mourning and misery.”   

Honestly, I felt like God was talking right to me.  That this wasn’t meant for everyone sitting there in that church.  It was meant for me.  He was speaking to my heart and saying, “My daughter, remove the thick robe of mourning and misery you are clothed in right now.  Do not be afraid to lay it down and find what else I have in store for you.  For I have great plans for you and every one of my people’s faith will be tested.  You have been tested during your grief and have turned to me.  For this, I will raise you up and replace your grief robe with that of hope, splendor, and eternal life.  This time, like all things, will soon wither away and die.  I will replace your robe with one of splendor…If only you give it up to me.”

I thought about all of this during church.  Maybe I am dwelling on the fact that both of my parents have passed away and all my good friends left me.  I am not so sure.  I know this all happened to me for a reason and that God will soon place the people He wants in my life forever on my path.  Maybe…..just maybe….the only way to truly deal and cope with all of this is to take off this robe and lay it down at God’s feet.  To give Him my grief and despair so that He can turn it into splendor.


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