Then I Remember How Good I Actually Have It

If you have been following my blog in the past day, you know that I am in a pretty bad place.  My depression has spiraled out of control.  I tried to allow myself to feel the pain of missing my parents and not be afraid of it.  With work, I will be able to be less afraid of that pain.  Progress will come with work and time.

Just now I went onto MSN and read an article about a little girl who was orphaned by a house fire.  My heart broke more.  Then, I realized, hey…..I need to stop brooding over my pain.  I don’t actually have it that bad.  I knew my mom for 15 years and my dad for 25.  Those years were filled with love and laughter.  They gave me everything I needed.  Sure, I don’t have my parents right now, but I knew them.  I have a roof over my head and food to eat every night.  I have a stable job and clothes to put on my back.  I don’t actually have it that bad.  

I guess it is just hard to remember that fact during these times.  I get so down in my depression that I forget there are starving children out on the streets.  There are children who do not get to know their own parents.  Sometimes a reminder of this is what I need to remember that I do actually have a good life.

I need to remember that while I grieve, there are still strangers I need to reach out to, whether it is through blogs or meetings on the street.  I must not forget that I am here to serve people more than myself.  That even though I am in grief, the hungry child on the street still needs food and clothes.  They deserve that just as much as I look for my comfort.


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  1. It’s so important during times like these to answer negative feelings with reminders of the good things that do exist.

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