For Women’s Eyes only


Well…okay…men can read this too, if you really want to.

This morning, I got up, showered, ate breakfast, and was all ready for work.  I decided that I probably should go to the bathroom before heading out to work.  Well surprise…surprise the moment that all of us women loathe happened.  There was that light pinkish color.  I swore to myself and then was like, ooooohhhhhhhhhhh….I knew this was coming.  My hormones probably had to do a little with that last breakdown.  

Anyways, today is the day.  I am currently at work and trying out these Thinx underwear, which state they are “for women with periods.”  They are underwear which promise to hold 1-2 tampons worth. They also promise that none of those uncomfortable cotton or foam products really have to be used with them.  I have heard wonders about these, so here I am with huge anxiety as I pray that an “accident” does not occur.  All I have are these underwear today.  No tampon….no pad.  Only these Thinx underwear are protecting me against looking like I was attacked in my nether area by a shark.  My first day is usually really light, so I am thinking they will be perfect for today.  My second and third days are like the Hoover Damn let loose.  Those days may be the ones in which I wear a product just to protect against shark attacks.  We will see.  I will keep you updated.

I do have to say these are among the most comfortable underwear I own.  They form to you very nicely and sort of make that period “icky” feeling go away.  My cotton underwear dubbed as my “period panties” are not very sexy.  You women know what I am talking about.  Yes, those ones that have “those stains” on them but you still keep for that time of the month.  These Thinx underwear have lace on them and shape to the behind very nicely.  Definitely add a little more sexiness and “feel good” to that time of the month.

I will be doing a review of this product to let you know how it works out.  I did pack some products and a back up pair of underwear in my purse today…just in case.  Wish me luck!


5 thoughts on “For Women’s Eyes only

Add yours

    1. I am interested in how these will work. I just used the rest room and so far we are good!

      There will be an end of day post today telling how it went. If these work out amazingly, I may be buying like 20 pairs. The best thing is that when you buy a pair, the company donates money to help teach women in a third world country how to make pads. So really, trying them is a win situation no matter what.

  1. I’m definitely curious how well they work! Tampons and pads are both so uncomfortable, to be able to just wear underwear and not worry about bleeding everywhere would be fab.

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