Sometimes a Smile is All We Need

After my last breakdown, I admitted to my sister (the next day) what I was going through.  She packed up her dog and came to visit me that night.  We watched movies and talked about missing our mother and father.  I also got my dog therapy with this little cutie as she slept and cuddled with me all night:


Along with my sister’s dog came her toy bunny.  My sister decided that it would be fun to leave it tucked in my bed while I was at work and before she left.  I came home and saw it.  Thought it was cute and had a good laugh.  Here it is:


Now, I am having some childish fun with this bunny.  I haven’t had childish fun since my depression set in, so this is good for me.  I sent my sister the following picture this morning and told her to tell her dog that her bunny is reading romance stories.

bunny romane.jpg

I will probably be taking more pictures with the bunny just to put a smile on my face.  Sometimes, when we are depressed and grieving, the simplest thing can put the smile on our face that we need.




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