Pre-Thinx Day 2

Well, here I am at work flowing free with the Thinx underwear on.  The womanly Hoover Damn is definitely unleashing its fury.  I ALMOST put in a super tampon before leaving for work (seriously had it in my hand), but I decided I needed to flow free to see just how much these Thinx underwear work.  They will definitely be put to the test today.  I am doing this for all of you!  I am also wearing grey pants today.  Wish my pants and I luck! I will let you know at the end of the day how it went and if a shark attack occurred.  I did pack a few tampons and a pair of cotton underwear in my purse for backup.

Of course we all have different flows.  Just to let you know how the Thinx underwear is working for me here are my flow stats: on day 1 I am usually very light.  I could wear a pad (regular foam infinity pad by Always) all day without changing, but still change every 4-5 hours for hygiene.  I also wear regular Kotex tampons and change every 4-5 hours.  On day 2, I am quite a bit heavier.  I have to change my pads (same pad brand and style used) every 3-4 hours.  I also switch to super Kotex tampons and change 3-4 hours.  Day three is about the same as day two.  Day four goes back to be light.  And day five is extremely light.


4 thoughts on “Pre-Thinx Day 2

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  1. It’s the heavy days that make me nervous. Since its underwear I would like to wear it all day. My heavy days can mean I’m changing a super tampon every 2-3 hours…i don’t want to carry around 2 extra pairs of underwear lol

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