Thinx Underwear Experiment: Day 1

Again, this post is for women’s eyes only.  But, if you men really want to read it, then by all means go ahead and read!

Today was my first day using the Thinx “period underwear.”  Here is my review of day 1:

Before I went to work, I slipped on a pair of Thinx underwear completely nervous to go a day of my period without a product.  The thought only caused anxiety in me as I prayed that I wouldn’t be up there teaching and have a student ask, “Miss…….did you sit in ketchup?”  Nothing would be worse than writing on the white board and having that “shark attack” stain on display to young elementary students who really have no idea what a period is.  But, I was brave.  I did it.

I will admit that I made FREQUENT stops in the bathroom during the morning to make sure everything was okay “down there.”  At noon, I was still in awe with how the underwear was holding up.  I could hardly see any dark spots on the underwear that indicated I was bleeding on them.  I even thought, Am I even having my period?  But, the toilet paper cleared all doubts.  So, during the noon hour I was still impressed with the Thinx underwear.

I went through the rest of the afternoon with no chance to go to the bathroom.  Let me clear that up…..four hours with no bathroom break and no product on.  I was terrified.  Finally, the end of school came around and I stopped to think about how incredibly DRY I felt down there.  I mean when I use a pad I always feel so gross and damp down there.  I feel like I am actually sitting in my own blood, which of course I am.  But, these underwear did not leave that sensation.  I felt dry.  Really dry.  And after 8 hours of work.  I was really, really impressed.

I spent another hour at school and then went home to workout.  Before changing, I went to the bathroom and checked out the underwear.  To my surprise, NO LEAKS!  I was so proud of myself (and the underwear)!  I even started texting my sister while I was in the bathroom to let her know how amazing my experience with these underwear was.  At this point of the day there was discoloration on the underwear, indicating that my discharge was actually being soaked in and held there by the underwear material.

I would have continued wearing the underwear into the evening, but I didn’t want to wear them for working out (I don’t wear my career underwear to workout in and I would have had a major problem working out in these underwear as they do not have a sporty feeling to them).  I am sure you can wear them for working out in, I just would not prefer to.  So, instead, the underwear came off, a tampon went in, and cotton sport underwear replaced the revolutionary Thinx underwear.

I only have one pair of these underwear, so I decided to wash them while I was working out (to make sure they would be ready for the next day).  Like the instructions told me, I hand washed them in the sink first.  Wow…..that was….interesting.  With what came out of it, one could have thought I had a serious injury!  After hand washing them in the sink, I threw them in the washing machine on cold and as I type this they are air drying on a hanger gearing up for the Hoover Damn to unleash itself on them.

All in all, day one of the Thinx underwear experiment was very, very, very successful.  I have to say that as of now, I would give these underwear 10 stars.  I told a co-worker that if they hold up this good tomorrow and the next day, I would be buying 20 pairs of them and kissing regular products goodbye.  My only complaint about them is that they aren’t really the “sporty” underwear one would wear for long distance runs.  Again, you could probably wear them for this, I just would prefer not to.

In conclusion, I would recommend these underwear so far.  But, keep posted to find out how they hold up to Hoover Damn unleashing it’s fury on them tomorrow and the next day.  They will truly be tested!  Wish me luck! 🙂




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