What Am I? Well, Let Me Tell You

I am that “thing.”  You know….the thing everyone dreads and no one wants.  I can be found in strangers on the street, your very friends, or co-workers.  I can even be found in great leaders, actors, singers, and bosses.  I am usually hidden behind smiles.  You might not even see me for I am hidden quite well.  I am the master of disguise as no one wants to admit they have me.

You see, my best time to come out is at night.  When things are quiet and lonely.  But, I am always there.  Releasing thoughts as smiles are forced upon faces.  I just show my best work in times of loneliness and despair.

I am the stealthiest thing that ever exists.  That is my greatest achievement.  You see….great people who never thought they could have me, have me.  They never saw me coming, or even doubted my existence.  I now tag along with them as if I am one of their best friends.  I go everywhere they go.

I thrive on triggers based on events, pictures, music, words, experiences, you name it.  A trigger can come from anywhere and at anytime.  I get stronger with these and I am great at making appearances when no one wants me.  In a sense, I am always the “unwanted guest” whispering in the corner when all is supposed to be quiet.

My weakness is love and compassion.  These things force me to control myself.  I can’t fight against them.  The more love and compassion that is given, the weaker I become.

You may be asking yourself, What is this?  Or, you may have already figured me out.

Let me introduce myself to you……Hello…….I am depression.



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