Thinx Underwear Days 2, 3, and 4

Hello ladies!  I am sorry I have been a little late on updating you on how the Thinx underwear is working for me.  I was busy helping my sister move this weekend, so I wasn’t around a computer.  But, have no fear!  Here is the post you are waiting for!

Let’s start with day 2.  The Hoover Damn was just beginning it’s flow.  The beginning of the day with the Thinx underwear went great.  Then, about 2:45ish, I put in a tampon.  There was no more flowing free for me that day.  The underwear promises to hold two tampons worth of discharge.  Well, I would have been over 2 tampons worth at that time.  I was not leaking, but the underwear was very wet.  I could have possibly put on a different pair of Thinx underwear, if I had some….but I didn’t.  So, a tampon went in (I did continue to wear the underwear the rest of the day though and it provide protection as backup to my tampons).

Day three was bad.  This is usually the heaviest flow day for me.  I am not going to lie when I say that I LEAKED….yes.  I LEAKED at about 11:00.  Right through the Thinx underwear and my sweatpants.  I had to put in a super tampon and wear my sister’s pants and underwear, as I didn’t have backup and had to wash what I had.  Now, the Thinx underwear would probably have been great backup to a tampon to avoid accidents or I could have changed into a different pair.  Again, the Thinx underwear promises to hold up to two tampons worth.  Well, I was for sure past my two tampons worth at 11:00 as it was a VERY heavy day for me.  So, lesson learned:  If you have a HEAVY flow, use the Thinx underwear as backup to tampons and pads, or have several pair that you could change into.  You WILL leak if you have a very heavy period and wear them for an extended amount of time (much like I did on day three).

Day four is better.  I am back to being light and the underwear is providing all day protection, without the use of a tampon or pad.  So, it is back to being great after a day of being angry at them.

Here is my overall review of the Thinx underwear:

I would give the Thinx underwear 9 out of 10 stars.  They really are a great feeling pair of underwear.  They are definitely much sexier than a pad or tampon.  They also really do hold a lot of blood (two tampons worth) and do not provide the “period stink” that a pad can.  I do like them and see myself buying a few more pairs of them.  Here is my recommendation if you are considering trying them:

  1. Buy a size larger than your pants size.  I bought my regular pants size and they are a bit snug.  For the next buy, I will get a size larger.
  2. Buy at least two pairs when you first try them, so if one is in the wash you have another to wear.
  3. If you have HEAVY flows (like two tampons would be full by 11:00-such as in my case), the Thinx underwear would be great backup to prevent accidents.  If this is you, do NOT wear them on your heavy days without a product.  If you choose to wear them without one, have an extra pair you can change into when you start to feel wet (you will feel wet when you are about to leak).  You know your flow best.  When you first try them out, use caution and track how much you are bleeding throughout the day to prevent accidents from occurring (the underwear will appear more soaked on the inside when you are close to leaking).
  4.  They are definitely worth a try.  Give these underwear a shot!  I still really like them and will continue use them without products on my light days and with tampons on my heavy days.
  5. When you buy a pair, Thinx helps teach women in developing countries how to make pads.  Really, it is a win situation.



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      1. It wasn’t bad at all. I would put them in my sink and rinse them in cold water. The water would turn bright red and I was like “Ewwww I actually bled that much?” I often let them soak in cold water in the sink while I worked out (so like 30-60 minutes). Then, I would rinse them again and wring them out when I was convinced the blood was out of them and I didn’t have to touch that (the water would no longer turn pink). I then threw them in the wash on cold with normal detergent. After it was done, I hung them on a hanger and let them air dry over night. They were good to go the next morning!

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