Dear Future Husband-3

Well, hello again!

It’s me.  Your future wife.  I was thinking about you today and a smile came to my face.  A day dream of you came upon me as I thought about your looks, your kindness, and the love you are able to give to the world.  I thought about how I believe God has made us for each other.  To comfort and complete each other.  My weaknesses are your strengths and your weaknesses are my strengths.  Together, we are a couple formed by God.


Darling, I pray for you every day.  I pray God guides us both throughout our day so we make decisions that will not only bring us closer together, but benefit our children.  I ask God to protect you as you go throughout your day.  I know we may not even know each other right now, but I still pray for you and our future together.

I know our marriage will bring together our very bodies and soul.  We will become one.  Throughout our marriage, I will long to please you in every way.  I will also desire to give you children.  This is perhaps among the greatest gifts I can give to you, your children.

I can’t wait until I know who you are.  You will be the kindest and most amazing man I will ever know.  I look forward to saying yes to living the rest of my life with you.


Love Always,

Your Future Wife


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