Another Degree Done

20 hours from now, I will be donned in my master’s cap, gown, and hood as I attend my master’s graduation ceremony.

My co-workers made today a very special day for me.  They gave me cards, gifts, and many well wishes.  A congratulations to me was even said over the loud speaker during the daily announcements.  These people really are amazing and did very well at helping me see the achievement I have reached.

I got asked several times if my siblings would be attending the ceremony.  To which all I could do was reply that my sister and brother-in-law would be the only ones attending.  I saw many broken smiles with this comment, but I am used to it.

A teacher I work with made me a gift and wrote a very special card to me.  She assured me that both of my parents would be sitting next to Jesus and clapping and high-fiving as I walked across the stage.  When I read the card, I teared up as I realized my parents wouldn’t be there in person.  But, this card reassured me that they would be there in spirit and they would be proud of me.

On this special day, my parents may not be with me in person, but they will be right there in my heart.


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