You Would Be Proud

Mom and Dad,

Today is the day!  Your baby is graduating with her master’s degree.


I know you would be so proud of me.  Yesterday, a co-worker wrote me a card in which she said you two would be sitting next to Jesus and high-fiving as I walked across the stage and got my degree today.  You would be wouldn’t you?  You would be proud.

I wanted to thank you two.  I know I didn’t get much time with both of you, but you were amazing parents.  You gave me all the love I would ever need and the nurturing/support I needed to get to this stage in my life.  Both of you pushed me to always try my hardest and never give up.  You backed every decision I made, even if it turned out to be a hard lesson learned for me.

Mom, you pushed me to learn and love learning.  Had you not been worried that I didn’t really learn to read very well in the first grade and tried everything at home to get me to read, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I still remember the day you were about to give up on me.  Instead, you handed me a book about horses, told me you loved that book when you were my age, and had me read it.  I loved the book and learned reading was fun that day.  You gave me more horse books to read after that and my reading took off.  I still have that horse book and will keep it for my children.  You spent endless hours tutoring me at home in subjects I struggled in.  I came to cherish the time we spent together at the kitchen table doing homework together.

Mom and dad, thank you for everything you did for me.  I know my pre-teen years were very rough on you two as I had horrible attitude with you.  You put up with my crap and got me through it.  Thanks for that.  Thank you for this very life you have given me.

In my mind, I am dedicating this degree to both of you.  Mom, this degree will hang on my wall right next to the degree you received from the same university.  This one is for both of you.  Again, thank you for everything.

Love Always and Forever,

Your Baby Girl

***The pictures in this post are actual pictures of my mom and dad.  The first is of my mom holding me in the hospital after I was born (I was quite a chub wasn’t I?).  The others are of my mom and dad when they were little and my mom and dad holding me.  I know they aren’t the best quality, as they are just pictures of pictures from my phone.***


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