Love or Pain?


What makes a person stronger, love or pain?  This is a debate I have seen going on between a few people on Facebook over the past few days.  It is also a question in which I now sit and think about.  What does make a person stronger?  Love?  Or pain?

Honestly, I truly believe pain makes a person stronger.  When one experiences love, they tend to stay within their nice little comfort zone and everything remains happy…..happy….happy……It’s all a sappy, happy love story right?  How do you get strong through that?  How do you get strong by always being in your comfort zone?

When one experiences pain, they are forced to grow through it in order to overcome it.  Reflecting on my life right now, I know that had my parents not passed away, family and friends not abandoned me, and depression not come upon me, I wouldn’t be as strong as I currently am.  I wouldn’t have the strength to overcome my depression and continue living my life.  I have grown tremendously through my grief and pain.  These very things have taught me how important love is, as well as how to show love to someone.  I have also learned how to openly express feelings and pain to people.  I can now talk about my painful past with others, whereas before this would stay bottled up inside.  It is through my pain that I am becoming a mature and strong woman.  A woman who will be able to provide for those who are vulnerable because I have been there myself.

While love is a valuable concept and vital to life, it is through pain that we learn and grow.  It is through pain that we become strong.  It is through our overcoming of pain that our life story is written.

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