Depression: Change in Laughter


I was just told by my sister that she has noticed a change in my laugh.  Like it is more forced now.  It isn’t my usual laugh, and she doesn’t really care for it.

My laugh has always been something I hated about myself because it is very overbearing and loud.  This comment only makes me hate my laugh more.  I know she didn’t mean for this to be hurtful, but for some reason the comment cuts me like a knife.  I asked her when she noticed the change.  She told me it was this summer.  Right before school started.  That is exactly when I was diagnosed with clinical depression and put on depression medication.

I suppose my laughter is more forced because I don’t find much to laugh about.  I haven’t experience “true” laughter in quite a long time.  So, I suppose my laughter has changed and become more forced.

I just have to get this off my chest.  Again, I know this comment wasn’t meant to hurt me.  But, my depression has really made my self-worth and self-image plummet.  So, this comment really cut right to my heart.





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