I’m Back.

My wisdom teeth were successfully taken out yesterday.  It was a surprisingly fast operation, as it only took 15 minutes.  I was not sedated the whole way, but my IV numbed me enough to not feel anything (but I could hear the teeth crack and pop as they came out).  It went well.  No problems.

When I got home I had not taken painkillers yet and was a little goofy and numb from the medications put in my IV (I apparently pet my sister’s hair and told her she was pretty).  Once I laid down, the medication wore off and I experienced horrible pain.  I describe it as the worst physical pain I have ever felt in my entire life.  It was so bad that I was writhing and tears were coming out of my eyes.  I took some painkillers right away, and that helped after it kicked in.  There wasn’t much sleep last night.  I would sleep for about 4 hours, wake up in pain, take a painkiller and sleep for another 4 hours.  At least I have a few days to recover.  There isn’t as much pain today, so all is well.  Just thankful the surgery went well and there were no issues.  Plus, I get to eat as much frozen yogurt as I want! 🙂


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