Geese or Ducks?

For the past three days, I have been laying around applying cold and heat to my cheeks to take down the swelling.  I have also been popping pain killers every four hours and sleeping when these put me into sedation mode.  The swelling and bruising is going down, but it is looking like I am going to have to go to school on Monday with a still swollen face.

I have been watching TV and reading books to fill my time recovering from this wisdom teeth operation.  I have read a total of 4 books.  I have also watched the real life Scooby-Doo movie two times, thanks to Discovery Family.

As Catholics know, the day of New Years is a holy day of obligation.  We go to church to celebrate the solemnity of Mary.  My sister told me I didn’t have to go if I was in too much pain.  But, thanks to my painkillers, I decided I would be brave and go.  My painkillers made me a bit silly, so I said it would be a “racrefice” (to quote Scooby-Doo saying the word sacrifice-maybe I watched that movie too many times) for God.  Under almost sedation from my painkillers, I wasn’t really paying attention to mass.  I was just trying to stay awake.  My brother-in-law leans over to me during the prayers for the Eucharist and asks me if this is the part of the mass that is the “racrefice.”  I had to do everything I could to not burst out laughing.  Then, I embarrassed myself more after mass.  In the nativity scene at the back of the church, there is a shepherd.  He has a satchel and out of the satchel are three little birds sticking out.  I told my brother-in-law they were ducks and he said they were geese.  Then, I was like, “Why is he carrying birds in a purse?”  So, I asked the priest if the birds were ducks or geese and why the shepherd would have them at the nativity.  He did laugh and said they were geese and they were probably a gift for baby Jesus.  It made sense to me.  My sister then explained to him that I had a lot of painkillers that day for my wisdom teeth.  He nodded and seemed to understand that that was why I was like a three-year-old.  Slightly relieved my sister told him this.  Oh, the things we do when we are under the influence of painkillers!


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