Dear Future Husband-5

Dear Future Husband,

I was thinking about us and the family we will create together.  Family.  Can you believe that together we will make a family?  This makes me more than happy and excited for the future.  Knowing I will have a family with you makes my heart fill with joy.  I have wanted a family that loves one another so badly.  I pray that with you I will have this.  We will have a family full of love.  A family that is quick to forgive and will see the preciousness of the bond we have with each other.


Darling, I want to grow closer to God with you.  Together, I pray we have a relationship that brings us both closer to God.  I also pray that our children will learn to live in God’s way through our examples.  I pray we teach them to live through God’s word and believe in His promises.


The moment you ask me to marry you has also come to mind.  I know that no matter how you do it, my heart will stop.  I will probably cry as you ask me to become your wife.  Despite my happy tears, I will say “yes” and vow to love you for the rest of my life.  Vow to become the mother to your children.  Vow to be by your side as we both grow old.


I already love you even though I don’t know who you are.  My heart has been your’s since the day I was born and it will continue to be your’s until the day I die.

I will love you forever and always,

Your Future Wife


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