What Can You Give?


Today is the day the Catholic church celebrates the coming of the three Magi.  We all know these men bring gifts that are very symbolic to Jesus and his life.

During the sermon today, the priest asked a critical question that I keep reflecting on.  This is that of: “What gift do you have to give Jesus?”  If I were to die tonight and see Jesus, what in my life would I be able to say is a gift to Him?

As I think about this, I come up with a few answers.  My first is that of love.  I have a very kind, caring, and tender heart.  If you are my friend, or close to me, you better watch out because I will love the crap out of you.  I would do anything to help you out.  My second is that of kindness.  I firmly believe in being kind and treating all people with respect.  I suppose this comes with a kind heart.  My third is that of service.  I serve others before I serve myself.  I tend to place other people’s needs before my own.  While there are many other concepts and things in my life I could give as a gift to Jesus, these are the main ones that pop out at me.  These are the ones that I could surely stand back and say, “These qualities are my gift to you.”

What would you bring/give to Jesus as a gift?


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