I Don’t Want to Be Famous


I was perusing through MSN tonight and looked through all the celebrity gossip.  It made me happy that I am by no means anywhere close to being famous.  Celebrities live a different life and I know it is not one I could live.  This is why:

  1. Sometimes, particularly after a sugar binge or pre-that time of the month, I have a zit that makeup just won’t cover up.Screen shot 2013-02-21 at 9.55.08 AM
  2. I have a fashion faux pas every now and then.  Those slippers and sweatpants are GREAT for running out to the mailbox or to fill the car with gas.
  3. I want to go unnoticed some days.  Especially on the days when the levels of my depression are really high and my emotions are everywhere.                                                  download.png
  4. I hate looking at pictures of myself.
  5. I can’t listen to a recording of my voice or see myself on tape.  Just can’t do it.
  6. I don’t like complete strangers touching me.  They have germs and I just need my space.0a1lysol.png
  7. I have really bad hair days every now and then.bad-hair_cypressandoak-blogspot-com_
  8. I like food.  If I want to eat a greasy pizza, I want to eat a greasy pizza.  Screw having to be a size 0.  Some women are big boned too!  I can’t get this body build in anything lower than a 12, so not even going to try.  Live with it.tumblr_static_7dnyp769ji0wgo0ccw8s4k0go_640_v2.jpg
  9. I like my privacy.  My crushes, boyfriends, friends, the moment I get engaged, my future kids, etc, I want them all to be safe from public eyes and be able to live their lives without a camera in their face.
  10. Sometimes I speak before my brain thinks.  Could lead to controversies.670px-Think-Before-Speaking-Step-6
  11. I like to shop.  I don’t want a personal shopper to do it all for me.  I like to be among people in shopping malls.

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