Push for Pain

Hello all.  I have really taken a like to physically pushing myself to feel the pain that I want to cause my body.  I have noticed that not only do I sleep harder (WITH NO NIGHTMARES!!!! YAY!!!!), but the soreness I feel in my legs the next day is freaking AMAZING!!!! I would think this soreness is soooo much better than the pain caused by cutting.  I have also been a little more positive from the feel good endorphins that come from the workouts.  Additionally, I have been paying attention to what I am eating again.  This morning my breakfast consisted of some Muscle Milk (which is surprisingly good) with two scoops of my women’s protein powder.  Slowly on the road to a mentally and physically healthier me!

Here is my question for all of you:  Rest days?  Do you take a rest day when you are just starting back up?  Or do you push yourself to do something every day to help ward off depressive thoughts?  I am debating on taking a rest day or not this week.  I jogged 2.75 miles last night.  So, I have been jogging lately.  I need an exhausting strength training exercise routine.  Do any of you do anything that would fall in this category?


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  1. Rest days are necessary, I also struggle with how to fit them in and still get those endorphins going. For me the weekdays are harder to get through so I won`t rest on a weekday but will take one on a weekend when I have time to do other things to distract myself. If the weekends are tougher, I`d definitely keep up the running on those days! On your rest day(s) you can definitely still go for a long walk outside (dress up warm!) to get some fresh air and SUN! You`ll probably still get some of the endorphin rush from being outside as opposed to on a treadmill. And walking through the snow will be a workout in itself without the impact on your joints! A long stretching session afterwards could be good too!

    Also, I`m doing a circuit training class during the weekdays and a lot of the stuff we do doesn`t even require equipment, just you and the floor. I`d like to compile a list of stuff from the classes over the next few weeks and I`ll share them with you and you can do that in between jogging days!

    1. Thank you so much for the advice! I HATE winter, so I stay away from going outside. BUT, maybe…just maybe…that is what I need right now! I never thought of that before! I WOULD LOVE TO SEE WHAT YOU DO IN YOUR CIRCUIT CLASS!!!!!!! If you share that with me, that would be great! Thanks so much! Tonight, I am dedicating my workout to you and your awesomeness!!!!! ❤ ❤

      1. I’ll get a spreadsheet going! Weare lucky that we are healthy and fit enough to use exercise as an outlet. It’s so so so hard to take that first step into starting a routine but so rewarding! It has saved my life for sure.

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