Discovery of New Outlets for Grief and Depressive Thoughts

Thank you all for you continued support.  It means so much to me.

After writing that first entry today, I cried for a little while and then decided I needed to do something to work out my grief and depressive thoughts.  So, I got busy cleaning.  I cleaned everything there is to clean in my apartment.  I also rearranged my bedroom, put on new bedding, played around with essential oils to make the apartment smell relaxing and fresh, and worked on making a donation pile/throwing away things I no longer use or haven’t used in a very long time.  Tell you what, if you are EVER in a bad mood, just start throwing away stuff you no longer need or work on rearranging your living area.  I have been working since 9:00 am and wow…I feel amazing and accomplished.  Throwing/making a pile for donating somehow cheered me up.  As did rearranging my bedroom.  I felt like I was making a new life as I threw away my old life.  I may have gone overboard, but you know what…I feel great after throwing away 4 GARAGE BAGS and packing one HEAPING laundry basket of donations.

I decided I wasn’t done after I cleaned/threw away things.  So, I hit the treadmill (as it is -20+ here today) and went 2.5 miles.  I am going to close out the day by taking a nice long bath while reading a novel.  After that, I will go straight to bed to read more or catch up on my latest addiction (Oregon Trail: American Settler).

In conclusion to my rambling, I learned two things today.  1. Cleaning cheers me up.  I took out my anger on my scrubbing and throwing things in garbage bags.  2. Rearranging a room also makes me feel better.  I don’t know if it is the moving of heavy furniture or what, but there was a MAJOR mood change as the day went on.


7 thoughts on “Discovery of New Outlets for Grief and Depressive Thoughts

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  1. Excellent! Just be careful what you read!! 😀 No trigger content! What a day, and you finished it off with a run. Kudos to you for turning it around. I was just thinking today about how we can find different ways to deal with our grief and depression. I thought of an idea… Every week we do one thing new and write about it. It could be trying some new food, or a new habit… it could be big or small but maybe it may help us build new memories?

  2. Donating old things we don’t use comes from a love for others. Love comes from God…God IS love. If you haven’t already, start reading your bible. If you don’t have one, get one. The words of the Lord can fill you in a way like nothing else can…


    1. I absolutely agree with you! I have been doing devotionals every day that focus on being “unafraid” (as fear is something I am really struggling with lately), becoming a woman of God’s purpose, and fulfilling God’s plan for you life. I have been trying to also take up bible journaling and reflecting on one passage a week or day with that, but I haven’t been too successful with that. I am new to that idea and just stuck on how to even do it.

    1. Thank you so much for thinking about me today. The students did not have school, but the teachers had inservice. I had to take an all day refresher course on CPR/First Aide to re-certify myself with that. It was an okay day, but the CPR thing really triggered some PTSD symptoms in me because I saw my sister do CPR on my mother and the paramedics use an AED to shock her when I was 15. Those memories are still vividly burned into my brain. So, I had some flash backs that I didn’t really care for. But, I got through it. How was your day today? I hope all is well with you too. Thank you again for thinking about me today! ❤

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