I Am……..

So sick of crying. All I want is a hug. 


14 thoughts on “I Am……..

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  1. Awe sweet lovey. I wish I could hug you. My grandmother (my mother’s mother) did not have anything material to speak of. Her life was hard. She was an alcoholic who was in and out sobriety. She was a blast though. She had the most positive outlook – but she would speak her mind in a heart beat. One of her favorite sayings (other than “I ought to kick your ass”) was “You never know what good things lay in store for you in this world.” Have hope my dear. Hang on to it. Keep moving. Keep moving. Keep moving.

    1. Thank you so much for this. It is exactly what I needed to hear tonight. I cried for about two hours when I got home from work and my sister kept texting me telling me to keep trusting in the Lord because something good is going to come from this battle I keep fighting. She is right. Like you said, I need to remember to have hope and keep fighting. ❤

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