My Happy Things

You will be happy to hear that I woke up this morning and thought to myself, “It is time to work on myself.  Time to work on diminishing this depression.  To regain my life and no longer submit to these demons in my head.”  So, with that, I stepped on the scale.  It was the first time since April that I have done this.  I saw the final numbers of the weight gain.  This was not only an eye opener to me, but helped me realize that this is ENOUGH.  It is time for me to WIN this war once and for all.  It is time to get myself back.  I am a work in progress.  So, with that, I would like to remind myself of the things that make ME happy.  I encourage all of you to make a similar list.  We can be happy.  But, in order to fight depression, we have to know what makes US happy.  So…here we go.  Here is my list of “happy things.”

  1. A good lipstick
  2. A great pair of heels
  3. A fantastic fitting dress
  4. A smooth and amazing feeling pair of undergarments (something about great feeling undergarments makes me feel sexy and confident).
  5. A great Scripture verse in which I am reminded of God’s forgiveness, strength, and everlasting love.  It’s a reminder that I am not fighting this battle alone and that He will never leave me.
  6. A great sweat dripping successful workout.
  7. Sore muscles from a workout done on the previous day.
  8. A book that has a fabulous ending.  F. Scott Fitzgerald is among my favorite because his writing is just about orgasmic as it romantically flows off the page and makes me swoon.  If I could find a man to speak to me like he writes….HELLO! All he would have to do is speak to me to get me into bed with him!  Zelda Fitzgerald was ONE LUCKY WOMAN!  Needless to say, I own all his books…even his short stories.
  9. God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.
  10. The promise of Heaven and eternal happiness.
  11. A great and uplifting Christian song.
  12. Helping someone in need.
  13. Working with my silly and amazing students.
  14. A great upbeat song.
  15. Hiking outdoors in nature.
  16. Lakes.  Being at lakes and sitting waterside.
  17. Traveling.  Airports make me happy.  I love watching the people at airports.
  18. Going to a place I have never been before and experiencing their culture by total immersion, as well as getting lost in a new place.
  19. Scooby-Doo.  For some reason, the dang dog always brings a smile to my face.
  20. A WONDERFUL cup of coffee on a rainy day….or any day for that matter.
  21. Nature.
  22. Learning.
  23. A beyond comfortable and warm bed to sleep in.
  24. Cities.  Getting lost in cities.
  25. Sunshine.
  26. A nice and long, stomach-hurting laugh.
  27. Fall.  The colors.  I love the colors.

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