Positive Affirmations: Fostering Self-Love


Recently, I have gained a new friendship with another blogger.  This blogger is definitely helping me through my depressive state of mind.  We have started texting back and forth.  We openly discuss things about our past and feelings.  We pull each other up when we are down.  What I find strange is that I have never met this person in real life, but I so much relate to her and feel a connection with her that I don’t feel with other people in my life (at least people who have been my friends).  I have to say that this person has truly become a friend.

Last night, I discussed with this person my feelings of worthlessness.  She told me that I am not what I think I am.  That I should know how amazing I really am.  That I am “kind, caring,  intelligent, and a good friend.”  When this text came through, I stopped and reread it.  Nobody has ever told me things like this before (well, besides my sister).  I was so astounded that this person I never met before cares about me enough, and already knows me well enough, to tell me these things.  She also told me that I need to start talking to myself like that.  Start reminding myself what is good about me to get out of this worthless mindset.  So, I did that today.

After I was dressed this morning, I looked into the mirror and faced my image (something I haven’t done since March).  Then…I told myself something.  I told myself, “I am beautiful.  I am kind.  I am surviving and doing the best that I can.”  Maybe…just maybe…if I keep telling myself things like this every morning, my worthless mindset will diminish.  I am a work in progress.  My challenge to you this Friday is to tell YOURSELF (or anyone you know) some positive affirmations.  To begin the challenge of loving yourself by recognizing what is good about YOU!  The world needs you.  The world needs all of us.  Otherwise, we wouldn’t be here.


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