Exciting News


I got to school this morning and logged onto my school email.  Out of the 13 unread emails, one popped out at me.  This one read, You have been nominated.  My first thought, “Ahhhhh this is just junk.”  Then, I read it.  I have truly been nominated by some anonymous person for a national teaching award because I “make the school a better place by smiling through all the bad days.”  I was touched (and am pretty sure I know who nominated me).  If I win this prestigious award (given to only 10 teachers nationwide) I win over $1000 in supplies for my classroom.  Do you know how many amazing things I can get for my students with that money?!?!?!?!?  One can dream.

Second, I have started my own do-it-yourself Bible study on being an orphan.  I started this last night because I am in need of some comfort and healing (especially right now when all I long for is a conversation with my parents).  The Bible says A LOT about orphans and widows (which is usually tied into the passages about orphans).  And it most certainly is comforting.  I will be highlighting this topic in a post late tonight.


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