Strangers Are Friends


Since my father passed away last spring (really can’t believe it’s almost been a year without him already), my life has really been transforming.  I am learning what true friends are, how to deal with depression/grief, and that it is okay to allow those “bad days” to happen.  Lately, my eyes have been opened to what a true friend is.

A few bloggers have been reaching out to me via email, calls, and texts.  I was nervous about taking these steps at first, but quickly these people have become VERY important to me.  Not only can I be there to help them on their days, but they help pull me out of the holes I get myself into.  It’s actually quite amazing that these complete strangers can do this! That even though we have never met in person, we seem to have so much in common and understand each other.

Today, I got myself into one of those lovely “worthless” holes.  I was starting to dig myself in deeper and deeper as an amazing blogger (and now friend) started texting me.  She was able to pull me out of the hole in about 10-15 minutes.  You know what was the most amazing about it?  She let me feel the pain.  She didn’t shun it away.  She let me feel it and talk it through.  This blogger knows exactly what I think of myself right now.  How much little confidence I have left.  So, what did she do?  Without my asking, she took 5-10 seconds out of her day and made a list of what she thinks about me and emailed it to me.  A list I can put up and remind myself who I am.  Remind myself that I am not the bad person I believe I am.  I have shared this list here because it deeply touched me and means so much to me.  I’ve never had a person do something like that for me.  And the fact that I have never met this person in person, well….that just blows my mind.  I can’t be thankful enough.  ❤ ❤

This blogging experience has allowed me to see that there really are amazing people out there.  That I just had to have the courage to reach out to them.  So, go ahead and reach out to a fellow blogger or two.  You never know…they may just become a friend! 🙂

And to all you amazing/supportive bloggers.  Keep up the great work!  You never know just who you are helping! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤


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  1. A few years ago I was in a very similar place. I spent a lot of time depressed, and feeling worthless. An incredible person reached out to me to help, and is now my best friend. It’s an awesome feeling to be able to confide in people and to have people who help build us up. Hold onto them, wherever they come from!!

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