Psychiatrist Visit

On Friday, I took off work to go see the psychiatrist for my very first medication evaluation.  Sure, I was nervous.  I’ve never had one done before.  And…well….who else likes to come out and admit to someone that you have thought of ending it and harming yourself?  Certainly, not me.

The session began with a very vague, “tell me your story.”  So, I did.  After about half an hour talk, this dude that knew nothing about me started acting like he had it all figured out.  I was steaming mad when I walked out, refusing to ever see him again, and wanting to walk back in and slap him.  Let me explain…..

Here are his diagnoses of me after a half hour interview:  I am apparently obsessive compulsive.  My depression is caused by three things:  my grief, weight, and PMS.  Yes, that is right, you read that right.  He asked me if I was on the pill.  I said no.  He said that maybe I should be.  I wanted to slap him right there.  I GLARED at him and stated, “Excuse me…..everything with my menstrual cycle is just FINE.  I have regular flows, hardly any cramping, and my period comes every month like it should.  I also know I ovulate and am highly fertile.  And…as a woman who has STANDARDS and not the whore that men want/portray her to be, I do NOT go sleeping around with every guy I meet.  There is NO need for me to be on birth control.  And, I also want to get pregnant as soon as I get married, so no thank you for the pill.”  I almost wanted to ask him where his gynecologist credential was and that as a man who has never had a period in his life, he has no say on being emotional before you get your period.  HELLLOOOO hormones are getting ready to leave my body and I am about to bleed for 5 straight days.  You would be emotional too!!!! It’s normal for women to get emotional during this time.  Needless to say, I was pissed by this point in our conversation.

Also, he told me that I was dependent on my sleeping pills.  WHAT THE HELL?  Excuse my language there.  I explained why my doctor gave me sleeping pills.  He didn’t listen.  Instead, he prescribed A SMALLER DOSE OF A WEAKER SLEEPING MEDICATION!  I was so pissed at him!  He didn’t hear me out about nightmares and insomnia.  He just didn’t care.

In the end, the only thing he changed on my medication was the sleeping meds.  He didn’t care that I have meltdowns very frequently.  He blamed that all on PMS.  Needless to say, I will not be going back to him or refilling that sleeping med he prescribed.  I will be going elsewhere.


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  1. Hey love, I’m sorry to hear (read) you had such a bad experience. Hopefully you won’t take this example and generalize to all psychiatrists. There are a lot of empathic doctors out there. Seems you got one that just isn’t a good fit for you and has some listening issues to boot :S I can’t believe he passed so many judgements from just one less-than-an-hour appointment. He should basically just be listening in that first one and give you general ideas about a follow-up plan. Sending you strength, I hope you find a good one for you 😉 ❤

      1. Thank you. I do feel like I need to give a different a try because I know this medication isn’t doing what it should be for me. I shouldn’t be having these many random meltdowns and triggers. I just need to find a good one. But, it took me THREE MONTHS to get into that one!

      2. Thank you! My therapist is actually really good. We are working on getting me to move in May (when my teaching contract is up) to a place where there are more resources and people my age to make friends with. Hopefully, all works out.

  2. PMS?! really..damn. Yeah. No. Now I’m really scared to visit a psychiatrist.My story can’t be summed up in half an hour either…I’d be hella irritated to have to disclose that stuff to a perfect stranger. I wish you lots of luck with your next doctor

    1. I KNOW RIGHT!!!!!! It really bothered me that I had to tell him everything and he just didn’t hear it. I mean there is no way my suicidal thoughts that occur no where near my periods is due to PMS! I was very angry! I wish you luck when/if you go! Hopefully, your experience will be much better! ❤

  3. Oh wow that’s not a good first visit indeed, sorry to read your experience…but I do agree with Boderline Med…someone else out there should be able to give you the answers that will help you…what has PMS got to do with all the other feelings and emotions and episodes you have outside of the monthlies? Smh…Take heart dear. I enjoy reading your openness and I believe that is also a remedy that helps you through. Stay strong X

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