Positive Changes

You all know about the drama I have been having with family.  Well, I found out more.  I found out that apparently, my aunts and uncles are mad at us kids because “we are acting like nothing ever happened.”  I am sorry, you try being 15 when your mother passes away and have no one to teach you how to deal with your grief, so you just suppress it.  I had no one to teach me how to deal.  So, deal I didn’t do.

Basically, I am sick of this.  You bloggers have helped me realize that I am worth so much more.  I will be moving in May no matter what.  And, I am making some positive changes in my life.

One major positive change in my life is that I no longer have a Facebook account.  A fellow blogger helped me come to this decision.  Thank you to this amazing blogger! 🙂  The only social media I still have is this blog.  Facebook account is gone.  Forever.  I won’t be going back.  Since I have deleted my account, I have felt so much happier.  No one is contacting me about meaningless drama.  I am reading about no one’s drama and now have hours to cope and think about my current situation and feelings.  Time to process.  You would be surprised with how much time Facebook sucks from you.

I am working on the health thing.  Hoping to start working more on the emotional eating and getting in shape thing.  I guess time will tell with that.  But, as for right now, this is where I stand.


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  1. How dare they imply that you are acting like nothing happened? Clearly they do not know you at all, otherwise they would see that it affects you to your core. No one could lose both of their parents and move on unscathed. I’m sorry, that is idiotic to say! Because you have continued your daily comings and goings? Continued to work, go to school? What is the other option, lie in the street and wail all day? Geez!

  2. Grief is such an individual thing, even if you were not kids, you are 100% supposed to deal with it your own way without any judgement. Besides, how do they know how you are “acting” if they are not actively involved in your lives? I am sure they are dealing with their own grief too and perhaps you guys are the closest to your parents that they have, but you don’t need this pressure! You’re on the right path… Keep moving forward and inspiring us to do the same. Hugs and love to you!

    1. EXACTLY!!!!!!! I am afraid that she told her teacher friend from the school I work at. This teacher tried to talk to me this morning, but I avoided BIG TIME by talking to someone else about something school related. I know she is trying to talk to me about something my aunt told her. Hugs and love you as well!!!!!! ❤

  3. Is there a rule book telling people how to react to traumatic events? Can I get a copy? How much does it cost?

    Personally, I am inspired by your strength. And in the days you are struggling, there are people who care. Rely on those people. 🙂

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