Where Is Your Faith?

Hello fellow bloggers.  Today, I am having some issues.  I am back in my full blown depression mindset.  This letter from my aunt set it off because she went out of her way to find a way to get this damn letter to me.  One that could hurt me.  Yesterday evening, I emotionally ate two muffins as I thought, “who cares what I put in my body.  No body cares about me anyway and no body will ever care.”  I told my brother-in-law about this and he got mad.  Saying this was a dangerous place because it could lead to some pretty bad things.  Yes, I get that.  I get that he is worried.

My brother-in-law came out and asked “where is your faith through this?”  This question made me upset.  I love God.  I believe in God.  I believe that I am doing His plans for my life and that I am his daughter.  But, this question got me.  There are some issues I am having with this right now and it is very, very personal.  Something I do not wish to write on here.  So, if anyone out there is a person who would be up for discussing God and faith through depression because you know about this, or have been there yourself…Please…please email me at: 20yearoldmusings@gmail.com

Or, if you are a blogger that currently contacts me via text, feel free to text me about this.  Thank you in advance to all who are willing to reach out.


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