Bad Day Treats

Those of us who battle with grief, anxiety, and/or depression often have to complete tasks that are beyond difficult and triggering.  On these days, it is important for us to treat ourselves for making it through.  For instance, therapy sessions are hard.  My meetings with the life insurance agent and lawyer were hard.  After these things, I needed a pick-me-up to make these events less depression triggering.  I made it through and by golly, I am not going to let it trigger my depression more.  So, I decided to make a list of things I enjoy and will treat myself to on days when I have to endure these “possibly triggering” events.  I encourage you to do the same.  Here is my list:

  1. A warm mug of tea..any kind
  2. A good book (with that cup of tea)
  3. A walk outside with music blaring through the ear buds
  4. Small bowl of ice cream
  5. Manicure
  6. Pedicure
  7. Massage
  8. Window shopping
  9. Dog cuddles
  10. Walking the dog
  11. Texting some amazing blogger friends
  12. Reading a funny book
  13. Watching a movie I enjoyed from my childhood
  14. A long relaxing bath
  15. Writing a short story
  16. Helping someone in need
  17. Putting together and sending packages to people

That is all I have for right now.


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