Hope….It’s Not What You Think It Is




Hope comes from so many things.  The colors in a bright sunrise, a warm day, a pretty snowfall, positive people, coffee, books, etc.  It comes from both simple and complex things.  I have been given hope by the words of another blogger.  I am incredibly inspired by her strength and views on grief/depression.  Needless to say, this person is pretty amazing!  🙂

The other day, this blogger and I got to talking about hope and why we keep living our everyday lives despite our losses.  In this conversation I said, “what is the point of living when all your loved ones are gone?” And, “I suppose hope is what keeps us going.”  This person replied with words that really opened my eyes on this whole grief/depression thing.  These words of that of this:

“I don’t think hope is just about ‘things will get better’ as we traditionally think.  I think hope can be about how their love will live on through all those things in your life like the lavender bath, sunny morning walk, etc.  And all the future hope you don’t yet know about and people you have not yet met.”

Wow….just wow……..are you not blown away by those words?  This made me think, You know what…..my mom and dad’s memory lives on in the works I do for the rest of my life.  Their love is shown in everything I do.  Anything that brings a smile to my face and every breath I take is done in love for them because they would want me to live my life and be happy.  My hope for the future is through continuing to live a life that would make them proud.  Even though they are not here on Earth anymore, the fact that my works continue to spread their love is hope.  This is the exact reasons I continue to breathe…….hope.

I wanted to share these words with you all today because they are so touching.  The words are attributed to an amazing blogger, sliceoflife11.  Feel free to stop by her page and hit it up with some reads, likes, and comments!  You won’t be disappointed! 🙂


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