Hope Part 2: Finding Hope in Today

As part of my “new outlook” on hope, I am going to make it my goal to see my parents’ love in something everyday.  Perhaps, this will help me with the grieving process.  So today, I am reminded of my parents and they love they gave in:

  1. The wonderful sunshine and birds singing (FINALLY!).
  2. The morning workout I completely conquered……even though I didn’t want to.
  3. The song Stand By You by Rachel Platten that played on my way to work and Angels in Chelsea (also by the same artist) that blared in my ears during my workout.
  4. The new and amazing friends I have made through this site.
  5. The silly selfies I sent to these friends and my sister.
  6. The necklace that currently hangs around my neck.
  7. The watch I am wearing that my father gave to me for my undergraduate graduation.
  8. The observance of the same blue eyes my mother had in the selfies I took.

6 thoughts on “Hope Part 2: Finding Hope in Today

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  1. It has been over a decade since my dad passed, and every morning I walk by his photograph, and wonder if he’s proud of who I am. I’m so proud of what you wrote above! Wow! It takes courage to celebrate the positive parts of the day, no matter how simple they may seem!

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