Exciting News

I believe it is finally time to share some exciting news with all of you.  On Thursday, I got a phone call from a professor at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.  We chatted for about an hour and I was given the offer to come study with him for 4 years in order to get my Ph.D.  I was extremely impressed about what he shared that I accepted the offer in that phone call!  Therefore, I will be relocating this summer to live in Knoxville for 4 years and study/work in a Tier 1 research school to get my Ph.D!  I will be Dr. in only 4 years!!!!!! 🙂

I have some paperwork to finish this weekend and was asked to Skype with two professors on Monday night to discuss the GA spots they both have/decide which one I would like to study/work with.  Both of these spots are AMAZING!!!!!!  I would either be working to write/form STATE guidelines for education or working in a new grant program that is becoming known nation wide.  If I accept either of these positions, my education will be fully funded and I will be an university employee!  I am sooooo excited for this!!!!!!  The doors are opening for me to make a change in education!  This program seems sooooo right for me and I cannot wait to move down there, get started, and become a “southerner/Knoxville Volunteer!”

As you can probably tell, I am extremely excited for this!  Knoxville is a large city, so I am ecstatic to be able to live in a city for 4 years!  I will also be only 2/3 hours from Nashville, close to hiking/the ocean, and in an extremely beautiful place.  I will also have access to a national airport that will allow me to hopefully finally meet/see these amazing blogger blogger friends I have made over the past month (and I will be in their same time zone!)!  I just CANNOT wait!!!! 🙂


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