Still I Rise

These past two weeks have been extremely tumultuous for me emotion wise.  Hence, my absence of writing.  Sorry you all….just needed a little break to cope.  There are some issues going on with my father’s estate.  Things are being said between siblings that are probably breaking the relationships for a very long time.  I have been accused of lying to the lawyer, stealing inheritance, and forging my brother’s name.  All of which my brothers have done to me (besides the forging thing).  It has been one heck of a battle and I cannot stand it.  It is heart wrenching and so hard to not blame myself, when in reality it has ended exactly as my father wished.  I just want it all to be over.

Throughout all of this depression and grief, I have been brought back to one quote.  It is that of: “Still I rise” by Maya Angelou.  Some days, I feel like I have nothing else to live for, but still I rise.  Why you may ask?  Because of my parents.  They would want me to live a complete life.  The life they created me for.  And if I were not to live on, where would their love go?  I am a carrier of their love.  I am the continuation of their love in this world.  So despite the name calling, legal wars with my siblings, and horribly bad emotional days, still I rise….And rising I shall still do.


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