Strength Comes From the Weirdest Places


This weekend I needed a whole lot of strength to keep me going.  This need made me learn something about strength.  My lesson learned was that strength comes from the weirdest places.  This weekend’s strength came from…my toe nail polish.  Here is the story…..

Some amazing blogger friends and I have been texting for a few months now.  A few weeks ago, one of these blogger friends and I found out that we actually go to therapy at the same time.  We both know therapy can be very triggering, so we make sure to treat ourselves after.  This last week, we did our first post-therapy-pedicure.  We got pedicures done at the same time and even got the same color!  It was almost like having a real girl’s date in person!  We have decided that this pedicure date will happen after our therapy and we will keep doing the same color!

It may be strange…but this nail polish is really giving me strength.  Whenever I look at it, I smile and remember that I can overcome this.  I remember how I have the same color as this blogger friend and how I am not going through this battle on my own.  That someone else understands what this is like.  That with others, we can always make it through!  ❤


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