Taming the Wild Beast


Lately, I have been battling the wild beast of negative voices in my head.  It tells me things about myself that I so much believe, even when I try not to.  Horrible things.  I am trying to tame this wild beast, but some days I do not have enough luck.  The wild beast silently whispers…

-You are fat

-Nobody likes you

-You’re not worth it

-You don’t deserve love

-You’re a monster

-You won’t ever find true love

-You don’t have a family

-Your family hates you

-What have you made yourself become

-You aren’t smart enough

-You aren’t enough

-You’re better off dead

-You’re a waste of space

-You aren’t ever going to be enough

Taming the wild beast is horribly difficult. I suppose it takes one small step at a time.  Sometimes the beast wins and almost destroys me.  How to truly overcome it….I have not yet figured out.



2 thoughts on “Taming the Wild Beast

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  1. OH EMM GEE! I am too…I’ve been repeating horrible things to myself over the past week.
    We have to be our own advocates, because we live with ourselves on a constant basis. I try and counter my negativity by reminding myself of the good things…for example, when I think of myself as fat, I also point out that I’m intelligent; when I think of myself as incapable, I remind myself that there are no limits…only desires.

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