Positive Changes Inside and Out

Hello all!  I know, I’ve been MIA for like 5 months.  I have been extremely busy with the ph.d/working on me.   And honestly…I am doing so much academic writing that the last thing I want to do is write.  But, I am here to fill you in!  These past 5 months have been critical for me.  Let me share with you what has happened.

I started Beachbody and a virtual gym accountability group that a co-phd student/friend of mine coached.  I’ve been doing Beachbody workouts and eating clean for 5 months now.  I am down 53 pounds and have lost over 30 inches off my entire body.  Seriously!?!?!? Seriously…..  Check out the difference.

Crazy isn’t it?!?!?!!?!!?!?! I’ve dropped sizes in clothes and skyrocketed in confidence.  You guys, I am actually truly happy again.  I have actual hobbies again.  My depression is completely gone.  I have made peace with my past and the hurts that were there.  That pain no longer exists.  How did I do this?  Let me tell you!

Part of my Beachbody experience is that of doing 1 hour of personal development a day.  The philosophy is that you can’t change the outside if you don’t change the inside.  It’s true.  So true.  So, everyday I listened to Chalene Johnson’s podcasts, The Chalene Show <—– Can be found on iTunes.  I did this as I got ready in the morning, or during my morning commute.  I became obsessed because her advice on healing past hurts worked.  I endured some hard core reflections as I listened to her and found out so much about myself.  I realized the amount of strength I have and came to the conclusion that I shouldn’t be ashamed of my past.  I should own it because you know what?  It’s my story that I need to share so that it can help others.  So, owning my past I am.  I also no longer care what others think about me.  I am me.  I am unique.  I am designed by God’s plan and doing his works.  So, why should I care what other people think?  I shouldn’t.  So, I don’t.  I have also switched to turning to fitness and hobbies instead of food to regulate my emotions.  This is a huge success for me!

I am so excited to see where Beachbody takes me.  I can’t wait to see myself reach my weight loss goal and to continue getting healthy on the inside and out.  I am loving this process and would love for you to come on it with me.  Are you ready to make some changes?  Are you ready to move on with your life?  Talk to me, and I’ll get you hooked up! 🙂  You won’t regret it!

Love ya all like crazy!  Stay positive peeps!  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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