Top 10 Tips for Weight Loss

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Losing nearly 60 pounds since January has been life changing. This journey has taught me so much about health, fitness, and wellness.  I could not be more grateful for what I have learned.  As I reach my 60 pounds down milestone, I wanted to share with you some of the top tips for weight loss that I have discovered.  So, below I have included the top 10 tips that have revolutionized my weight loss journey.  Enjoy!

  1. Water, water, water, water…..water is everything!  Drink at least half you weight in ounces each day!
  2. You don’t need to eat all those snacks.  Go back to just eating three meals a day.  6 “meals” a day is not what our bodies were designed to handle.  Three meals a day, with time between each meal, gives your body time to fully digest the last meal you ate.
  3. Close the kitchen at night.  Stop eating 2-3 hours before bed.
  4. Figure out what your “power hour” is.  This is the hour that you are the most productive and have the most energy.  It is during this time that you get the most out of your workouts.  If you can, schedule your workouts during that power hour.
  5. Ditch the sugars.
  6. Get those workouts in.  You don’t have to do intense cardio every single day.  Just get moving!
  7. Learn how to listen to your body.  Listen to how it feels during workouts and after eating certain foods.  If a food doesn’t make you feel good, that’s a sign.  Ditch that food.  Our bodies tell us a lot during the day.  We just have to learn how to listen to it.
  8. Get your sleep.  Sleep is extremely important for wellness.  You can’t be your best unless you are well rested.
  9. Don’t give up.  Progress takes time.  I really didn’t start noticing a difference until about a month in.  Give it at least 3 weeks.
  10. You can do it!  Positive mindset is everything.  If we tell ourselves things that are negative, we start to believe it.  Don’t be the Little Engine That Could with “I think I cans.”  Instead, tell yourself that “you know you can.”  Instead of “if I lose the weight” tell yourself “WHEN I lose the weight.”  Make it a reality.


Until next time- Keep it positive peeps! 🙂


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