Hope Part 3: Hope Comes at the Least Expected Times

I haven’t done a hope post for awhile because I have been in “that” state.  Flashbacks and all.  So, I decided it is time for a hope post.  This week, I am finding hope and my parents’ love in various forms.  My hope comes in the following pictures:

  1. This picture quote that appeared in my mail today.  A meaningful quote by my most favorite author from my most favorite book.  🙂


2. This picture of a lake near me.  My father would often fish on this lake.  I drove out to it on Sunday to calm myself down and do some thinking.


3. This little buddy that came in the mail last week!!!!!!!  He has afforded me many opportunities for photos (and cuddles)!  🙂


4. This letter from the University of Tennessee welcoming me to their doctoral program! 🙂



Arabella’s Destiny #6

****If you are new to the story, you can find the first entry here. Links will then take your through the story*** Enjoy!

This entry is a bit longer.  I am trying to get in some development over Clara and Arabella’s relationship as mother and daughter.


Lucas closed the door behind them and looked around, “Whoa…this place is like a palace.  I’ve never seen a place so big.  Are you sure this is a house?”  Arabella huffed and rolled her eyes, “Yes, it’s a house.  I grew up here.  My mother and father bought it when they were first married.”  Lucas continued to look around as Arabella collapsed onto an over-sized plush chair in the grand entryway.  She rested her head on her hands, “My mother was sitting here waiting for me to get home tonight.  She was sitting in this exact chair……Oh gah……If I wasn’t so stupid, she wouldn’t be missing right now.  This is all my fault!  My mother is missing because of me!  She was right, I was acting like a child!  I should have just approved her marriage to that dumbass and she would still be here with me!”  Arabella started sobbing into her hands, “I just want mother to be safe!  I don’t want to be orphan.  Dad already left me.  She can’t leave me too!  I can’t be an orphan!  I am too young!”  Arabella kept sobbing.  Lucas went up to Arabella, crouched down and awkwardly patted her back, “Hey……uuuhhh…..I don’t have much experience with crying women……but I can relate to you.”  Arabella met Lucas’s eyes and saw his blurry outline through her teary eyes, “Right….and just how can you do that?”  Lucas handed Arabella a tissue he found on the end table near the chair, “Both of my parents have passed away…I am an orphan….and well, an only child.”  Arabella stared at Lucas, “what?”  Lucas nodded, “My mom died when I was seven and my father passed away three years ago.”  “Oh…..I’m…..”  “Sorry?”  “No….I hate it when people tell me that about my dad, so I never use that for people who have lost their parents too.  It’s not like I’m the one that killed your parents, so what have I got to be sorry about?  I guess you do know how I feel.”  Lucas nodded, “Look….I know there is not much you can do right now, but at least try to get some rest.  Kevin and the rest of the team will be out looking for your mother all night.  If something comes through, they will let us know.”  “Okay……”  Arabella got up and headed for the stairs.  She turned around, “Lucas?”  “Yes, Miss Wetterman?”  “Thank you for telling me about your parents.”  Lucas nodded, “No problem.  I just thought you needed to hear that.”  Arabella nodded, “Where are you going to sleep tonight?”  “Down here.  I need to be here just in case someone breaks down a door or something.  You need to be upstairs in your room where you will be safe.  Make sure you lock your door.”  Arabella nodded again, “Okay….goodnight.”  “Goodnight, Miss Wetterman.”  “Lucas….please don’t call me that.”  “Miss Wetterman?”  “Yes, that.”  “I’m sorry ma’am, but it’s policy that I call you that.  Just like I call your mother Mrs Wetterman.”  “Just call me Arabella….okay?”  “May I ask you why?”  “Because you sound like my mother.”  Lucas shook his head as he chuckled, “Okay….I’ll call you Arabella then.”  “Thank you.”  “You’re welcome.  Now, go to bed.” 

Arabella went upstairs and went directly into Clara’s room.  She walked around the room as she took in the smell and sights.  She could still smell her mother’s perfume lingering in the air.  Clara’s makeup was laid out in a neat manner on her dressing table.  Pictures of Clara’s greatest designs hung on the walls.  Arabella made her way to the large plush bed and sat down.  She let out a long sigh, “Mother….I hope you are safe….please….please…please be safe.  I didn’t mean to act like such a child.  You can get married.  I want you to be happy……but most of all, I want you to be alive.”  Arabella looked at the nightstand and saw a framed picture of her and her mother.  Arabella was about nine and holding Clara’s hand.  They were at one of Clara’s fashion shows and Arabella was sporting a fur scarf Clara designed for her as she smiled up at the camera.  Arabella smiled and put the picture back down.  She remembered being so proud of that scarf.  She was always so proud of the outfits her mother designed specifically for her.

Arabella then saw a book sitting on the bottom shelf on the night stand.  She grew curious as she thought, Mother has time to read?  If it’s not about fashion, she isn’t much of a reader.  I wonder what she was reading.  Arabella picked up the book and saw that it wasn’t a novel.  Instead, it was a delicate notebook.  Filled with her mother’s perfect cursive print.  Wait….this isn’t a book!  This is my mother’s journal!  Arabella’s heart raced as she flipped open the book.  The first thing she found was a picture of a man.  It was her father.  The picture of Richard was one from the year he had died.  There was also a picture of Clara and Richard together when they were younger.  Arabella smiled as she felt the pictures hoping that in some strange way she could feel her father.  She held back tears and quickly put the pictures back in the journal.  Arabella flipped to the first hand written page.  She was about to close it as she thought, I shouldn’t read this, but I am curious.  What does mother have to write about?  No one will know I did this.  She doesn’t have to know.  Arabella began reading the first page:

My Darling Richard,

You have been gone for a year and a half.  I am still working on being able to sleep in our bed without you.  I miss your warmth and love.  I miss your goodnight kisses and the tender way you would make love to me.  Remember how sometimes we would be like teenagers and giggle as we made love?  You would always shush me so that we didn’t wake Arabella.  Then, there were the nights we were filled with deep passion and could hardly wait.  I miss those nights.  

Everything has moved on without you Richard.  My fashion studio.  Your work.  The town.  Even Arabella.  Your darling girl misses you greatly Richard.  I am afraid she is holding in her grief.  She refuses to see a grief counselor or tell me anything.  But, she is 17.  Like you always told me, she is at the age where she doesn’t tell her mother about her life.  I am afraid that at times she resents me.  She certainly isn’t afraid to roll her eyes at me, or occasionally talk back to me.  Sometimes, I just don’t know what to do with her.  Despite all of this, she is becoming a beautiful woman.  Aspects of her certainly remind me of you.

Arabella stopped reading that page and flipped to the last written page.  It was the last post her mother had written before she disappeared. Written that night.  Arabella began reading:


I want you to know that I am in love with another man.  His name is Ralph.  Richard, he treats me so well and I can tell he cherishes me.  I am happy with him.  I am not writing to say that I will forget you as I am in love with another man.  I still love you, but know that I can’t have you anymore.  Your death has broken our vows to each other.  Ralph asked me to marry him tonight and I said yes.  We have decided to marry in a year’s time.  It’s not that I don’t love you anymore Richard.  I do.  I just need to be happy again and I haven’t been happy since you died.  

Arabella found out about Ralph today.  We were kissing in my office when she happened to walk in.  She had a fit and I tried talking to her about it.  Well, then Ralph asked me to marry him right in front of her.  She did not take it very well.  You know how stubborn she is.  You are and always will be her daddy.  I know she will not accept a step-father.  I don’t know how to make her accept this Richard.  I am going to remarry and she will have a step-father.  This will happen whether she likes it or not.  I just got into an argument with her and told her that I practically owned her.  I also told her that I would find ways to make her pay if she did not accept my engagement to Ralph.  I feel horrible saying these things to our daughter.  But, it’s the only way I can get her to come to terms with it.  Sometimes she can be quite impossible.  I suppose with time she will come around.  If you were here, she would listen to you about it.  But, I suppose if you were here we would not be having this predicament.  I pray she comes around and quits taking this news like a child would.      

I will love you always,

Your Darling Clara

Arabella closed the journal and put it back on the nightstand.  She never knew how much Clara fretted over her.  Arabella always thought Clara’s fashion line was her first priority and everything would come second- child and husband included in the latter.  Now Arabella wondered how many sleepless nights Clara had spent contemplating what to do with Arabella.  She thought about how many nights in this same bed her father had talked Clara to sleep over something Arabella had done.  Arabella suddenly felt a wave of guilt wash over her.  To help her guilt subside, Arabella decided it was time to try and get some sleep.  She pulled back the covers of the bed and went to turn off the lights.  After crawling under the sheets, she rested her head on the pillows as she took in the scent of her mother.  She felt a sense of warmth and security.  She felt as if her mother was right there with her.  It did not take long for her to fall into a deep and comfortable sleep. 

Halfway through the night, Arabella was startled awake by a thud.  It sounded as if someone had run into something.  “Shit…damn it!  That hurt!”  The someone said.  It wasn’t a voice Arabella recognized.  It was a male’s voice.  Arabella crept under the covers until she was completely covered.  Is this my mother’s attacker?  Did he come for me now?  Did he murder Lucas downstairs before coming up here?  What will he do to me?  Arabella’s heart was racing as she heard footsteps coming into the bedroom.  She saw the lights turn on.  Great….nice hiding place Arabella.  This is why you never won at hide-and-seek in school!  The footsteps came closer to the bed and Arabella panicked.  In one smooth motion, the sheets were ripped off of her.  Arabella screamed and lunged at her attacker.  She tackled the man to the ground and struggled with him as she screamed, “WHAT DID YOU DO WITH MY MOTHER?  HOW DARE YOU COME BACK HERE!”

Arabella’s Destiny #5

Things are slowly heating up!  Enjoy! 🙂

P.S.  Thanks to the lovely blogger, kishanthakar, I have realized that some readers may be jumping into this story right now and not know that there are actually 4 parts to it already.  Free awesome shout out to this blogger!!!!! 🙂 So, if you are a new reader, you can find the first chapter of this story here.  Links will be provided on each entry to guide you through them.

Lucas led Arabella to a car and helped her in.  “That man has SOME nerve!”  Arabella muttered as she buckled her seatbelt.  “I need to stop at my place and pack a bag before we go to your place.  So, we will go to my place first.”  Lucas said matter of factly.  “Wait….what?”  “I need to stop and get some things.”  “Why?”  “Uhhhh….I have to spend the night at your place.  To protect you.”  “What?”  “I will always be with you Arabella.  It’s my assignment…..my job.”  Arabella tightly crossed her arms, “Ugh!  Are you kidding me?  This Kevin guy better get his ass in gear!”  Lucas shook his head and drove off, “Kevin knows what he is doing.  He is the best detective there is in this city.”  Arabella glared at him, “Who’s side are you on?  I thought as a bodyguard it was your duty to be on my side!”  “Well, do you want me to say he is bad when he is working on finding your mother?”  Arabella rolled her eyes and went to staring out the window, “Whatever.”  Lucas pulled up next to an apartment complex and parked.  “You better come with me.”  “Why?”  “Because it is my assignment to make sure you are never alone.”  “Just go…what’s the worst that could happen to me?”  “Uhhh…not going to answer that one.  Just get out.”  Arabella clenched her teeth and spoke in anger, “I saaaaaid….what’s the worse that could happen to me?”  Lucas stared into Arabella’s eyes, “Okay, you want to play that game?  Fine.  The same person who took your mother could jump in this car, tie you up, and drive off with you.  Then, they could take you to the same place they have your mother show her to you, which she could be dead or alive, have their fun with you, and murder you. Or, have fun with your mother and murder her in front of you…that is if she is still alive.”  Arabella’s mouth dropped.  “So, are you staying here, or coming with me?”  Arabella rolled her eyes, “Fine.”  She got out and followed Lucas to an apartment.  Lucas let her in and closed and locked the door, “I’ll just need to grab some things.”  Arabella nodded and Lucas went to another room.  Arabella looked around and noticed a smell in Lucas’s apartment.  It smelled of man.  It was a mixture of old pizza boxes, sweaty clothes, and male cologne.  This place definitely smells like man….and wow….what a mess!  Is this guy ever home?  He must not have a girlfriend.  I bet he doesn’t even know how to do laundry.  He’s probably a mommy’s boy.  Great….my bodyguard is a momma’s boy….He’s probably a whimp.  So much for that!  This Kevin dude is worthless!  My bodyguard is a whimp!  I will just have to wait until he goes to sleep and then I will sneak out and try to find mother.  Arabella was lost in her thoughts when Lucas came out with a bag.  “Sorry for the mess.  I haven’t been here much.”  He is definitely a momma’s boy.  Always at mommy’s house.  I wonder why he doesn’t just live with her…hell…what am I thinking?  I still live with my mother.  Who am I to judge?  Arabella thought as she scanned Lucas up and down.  “I have just been working on a hard core murder case and it’s been taking all my time and well…now I am assigned to you.  So, there just isn’t time to clean.  It usually doesn’t look like this.”  “I see…it’s okay…my house looks nothing like this.  My mother keeps it very pristine.”  Lucas nodded, “I would guess so.  After all, she is Clara Wetterman, the ruler of the fashion world.”  Arabella let out a sarcastic laugh, “Oh…yes….that is her alright.”  Lucas nodded again, “well, let’s get going.”  
Lucas helped Arabella to the car and Arabella gave him directions to her house.  Arabella noticed that her house had yellow investigation tape all around it and police cars were blocking it.  “What is going on?”  Lucas ignored her question, “It looks like your house is surrounded.”  Arabella was confused,  “WHAT IS GOING ON?  DID THE KILLER COME BACK WITH MOTHER?  PARK NOW!”  Lucas parked and Arabella took off in a sprint towards the house.  She was about to approach a police officer and ask what was going on when she was tackled to the ground.  Arabella tried fighting back, but her legs and arms were pinned down and someone was on top of her.  She looked up and met an angry Ralph’s eyes.  Great…not him again, Arabella thought.  Ralph shook her, “WHAT DID YOU DO WITH HER?  I KNEW YOU WERE A SELFISH BRAT!  YOU JUST COULDN’T LET HER BE HAPPY COULD YOU?  NO!  YOU FOUND OUT THAT SHE WANTED TO MARRY ME THEN WHAT DID YOU DO?  YOU KILLED HER!  YOU KILLED CLARA DIDN’T YOU?  YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF!  SHE IS YOUR MOTHER!  SHE GAVE YOU EVERYTHING!”  “RALPH!!! STOP….GET OFF OF ME!”  “NOT UNTIL YOU TELL ME WHAT YOU DID TO CLARA!”  Ralph shook her harder.   “I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING TO HER!  STOP!  YOU ARE HURTING ME!”  “YOU BRAT!  SELFISH BRAT!”  Ralph had a good hold on Arabella.  He scared her.  She began to wonder if he was the one who hurt her mother.  She wondered if he was going to kill her right here, right now.  She knew that he probably would if he could.  Before he could hurt her anymore, Ralph was pulled off her and handcuffed, “Sir, you are under arrest for assault.”  “Assault?  HA!  Talk to her!  CLARA’S DAUGHTER!  She probably KILLED HER OWN MOTHER!”  Ralph was trying to get loose and go back to Arabella.  Arabella backed up on the ground because she knew this time Ralph would show her no mercy, “you did it!  Didn’t you?  You killed my mother?”  Arabella whispered.  Ralph shook with anger as he tried to get loose, “HER OWN MOTHER!  CLARA, MY LOVE!  THE BRAT KILLED HER!”  A police officer came and shoved a needle into Ralph’s arm.  Arabella watched as Ralph went numb and fell into a sleep in the police officer’s arms.  He had been tranquilized.  Ralph was shoved into a nearby police car as Lucas helped Arabella up, “are you alright?”  “Uh…ya…I am…just a little embarrassed I guess….”  Arabella stared at Ralph in the police car, Did he really do it?  Did Ralph kill mother?  And if he did, why did he do it?  A police officer came up to Arabella, “Ma’am, who are you and why are you here?”  Arabella couldn’t speak.  She was too confused by all that had happened during the day.  Lucas spoke up, “This is Arabella Wetterman, Clara’s daughter.  She lives here.”  “I see.  And who are you?”  Lucas took Arabella’s hand in his, “I am her boyfriend.  I am spending the night here to make sure she is alright.”  “I see….well, you two better get inside before something else happens to Miss Wetterman.”  Lucas nodded, “Of course sir.”  Lucas wrapped his arm around Arabella’s waist, “Honey, let’s go inside and get you safe.  I will make you a nice cup of tea and you can take a nice long bath.”  He kissed Arabella on the cheek.  Arabella was still confused by everything.  All she could do was nod as Lucas led her inside with his arm still wrapped around her waist.   

*****You can find entry 6 here.

Arabella’s Destiny Cover


I was cruising through Pinterest the other day and came upon this picture.  I am not sure who created it, but know that if I ever finished and published Arabella’s Destiny, I would want this (or something similar) to be the cover.  To me, it represents Arabella looking out at her destiny.  It is treacherous as she tries to find her mother, keep the Wetterman Fashion Studio running, and battles with what her true destiny should be.  In my views, she is caught between two worlds.  The one she desperately wants, and the one that her mother created for her that she is now trapped in.  Throughout the book she will have choices to make over which destiny she pursues.  Should she jump into the treacherous waters and pursue her own destiny while searching for her mother, or remain on the shore doing exactly what others tell her to.  Which will become her destiny?

Side note:  I have really been working on the next entry.  I am stuck on the “drama” that exists in it and am trying to get it just right.  You should be getting a new entry by the end of the weekend.

Arabella’s Destiny #4

If you are a new reader, the first entry of this story can be found here.


Arabella was hauled off to the police station as she continued crying and police searched the scene for Clara.  She was taken to an office and sat down.  A detective came in and handed Arabella a bottle of water, “You must be Arabella Wetterman.  I am Kevin Geraldson.  I’ll be the detective working on this case.  Can you tell me your relations to the woman who has gone missing?”  “Mother…..she is my mother…..Clara Wetterman.”  “Ahhh the fashion designer, no?”  Arabella nodded, “Yes, that’s her.”  “What was occurring when your mother went missing?”  “She….she was….she was chasing me.”  “Excuse me?”  “We had an argument.  A bad argument.  I ran away.  She was chasing me down to do what she does best.”  “What is that?”  “Yell at me and tell me to be more of a lady.”  Kevin nodded, “And what was this argument about?”  “She’s getting married again and I don’t approve.”  “I see.”  Kevin stared at Arabella.  “WHAT?  My mother is missing and could be dead!  Shouldn’t you be out there looking for her or something?”  “You see….Arabella….your story there…..of the argument.  It could sound like you were the one who did this to your mother.  And after all…..you do have her blood on your shirt.”  Arabella stood up in rage, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  SHE IS MY MOTHER!  WHY WOULD I HURT HER?  I COULD NEVER HURT HER!  SHE IS MY MOTHER!  I LOVE HER!”  “Well, I don’t know.  Why would you hurt her?  Hmmmm she was getting married again…giving you a new stepfather.  Maybe you were angry about that?  Wanted to kill her off so that you didn’t have a new stepfather and still inherited the Wetterman clothing line?”  “I would never do such a thing!  Her blood is on my shirt because I tried cleaning her head wound!  Then I ran for help!  When I came back, she was gone.  I would never harm my mother!”  “Alright….alright….Let’s just hope that your attorney can do good at backing you because right now, you look like the only suspect.”  “THIS IS RIDICULOUS!  I DID NOT MURDER MY MOTHER! And…if I did…why would I hide her body?”  “Hiding the evidence.  If she is never found, you are never guilty.”  “I don’t have to talk to you about this!  I just want to find my mother before something else happens to her!”  Arabella tried storming for the doors, but Kevin stopped her by catching her arm.  “Let go of me!”  “Arabella, calm down.  Sit down and let’s talk about other possible suspects.  The more suspects we have, the closer we will get to finding your mother.  Please…sit down.”  “Fine!”  Arabella snapped and went to sit down.  “Now, who else is your mother close to?”  “Well, she is marrying a man named Ralph.”  “Ralph…I see…that helps a lot…there a lot of Ralphs out there.  Do you possibly have a last name?”  “No…I don’t.”  “You don’t know the last name of the Ralph your mother was dating?”  “Look here mister, I didn’t find out about the relationship until this morning!  His last name is the last thing I wanted to know!”  “Okay..okay…gee…calm down.”  “CALM DOWN?  MY MOTHER IS MISSING AND COULD BE DEAD!  I’LL SHOW YOU CALM DOWN!”  Arabella said as she stood up and raised her fist.  “Hey…hey…I’m just being sarcastic.  Sit down.”  “Only if you shut your sarcastic ass up!”  “Feisty….”  Kevin mumbled.  Arabella sat back down.  “So Ralph…..okay….anyone else?”  “Just people at work.  There is her secretary, Lucille Hall….and her head of advertising, Gerald Butterman.”  “Butterman……what an unfortunate last name.”  “You are impossible!”  “Some might say that…anyone else?”  “That is mainly who my mother talks to every day.”  “Is there an ex-husband in the picture?”  “No.”  “Your father isn’t around?  Someone that would be jealous that your mother is marrying again?”  “My father passed away when I was younger.”  “Oh….I’m sorry.”  “Thank you.  As for someone being jealous of her marrying again, I don’t think so.  They haven’t formally announced their engagement yet.  That was supposed to happen this Saturday at the fashion show.  As far as I know, I was the only one who knew about the engagement.”  “I see.”  “Alright, no one else?”  “No…not that I am aware of.”  “Did your mother ever speak about people following her?”  “Like being stalked?”  “Yes.”  “My mother being stalked…please.  If she were being stalked, she would have put fear in her stalker.  She’s sort of a demanding woman who gets whatever she wants and knows how to make people give her exactly what she wants.  She tells it like it is.”  “So…she may have had someone at work on her bad side?”  “I suppose….but most people just work to please her because they are grateful to work for her.”  “I see….alright…anything else?”  “No…not that I can think of.”  “Alright, I will get back out there and see where the police are in the search.  I will also contact these people.”  Kevin got back up, “Hang here for one second.”  Kevin left.  He came back awhile later with a man.  “Arabella Wetterman, meet Lucas Piermont.  He will be your bodyguard until your mother is back safe and sound.  He will be with you at all times and if anyone asks you about him, he is your boyfriend who is training to work in your mother’s advertising department.”  Arabella stood up in rage, “EXCUSE ME!!!!!! I DO NOT NEED A BODYGUARD!  I AM PERFECTLY CAPABLE OF TAKING CARE OF MYSELF!”  Kevin got angry and in Arabella’s face, “Listen here Arabella.  Right now, anyone even remotely related to Clara Wetterman is not safe.  Particularly, if you are her daughter!  Whoever did this to your mother is not going to stop at just her.  They made an appoint for you to see her and then took her.  They aren’t after just her.  They could be after everything that she owns.  Nothing attached to Clara’s name is safe right now, especially you.  You will have a bodyguard and you will not question anything that we tell you to do during this investigation.  Do you understand?”  “What if I don’t?”  “This is a matter of life and death for you and your mother.  Are you really go to risk her life, and possibly yours?  If you want your mother alive, you have to do what we say.”  “Ugh, fine!”  Kevin got a smug grin on his face, “Perfect!  Lucas, will you escort Arabella back to her house and make sure she stays there for the night?  If we find any details, we will get in contact with you at the house.”  Lucas nodded, “Let’s go Arabella.”  He held out his hand and Arabella glared at him.  Kevin coughed and Arabella switched her glare to him, “I will go with him, but I will NOT hold his hand!”  “Fine…but there may be times where you have to kiss him.”  “EXCUSE ME?”  Kevin giggled, “Arabella, it is crucial that you play the part of his girlfriend….for your mother’s sake.”  Arabella shook her head, “FINE!”  She grabbed Lucas’ hand, “Let’s go….loverboy.”  She drug Lucas out the door behind her enraged at Kevin’s laughter.   

If you like this story and would like to continue reading, you can find part 5 here.

Arabella’s Destiny #3

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Arabella spent the rest of the day wandering around the city.  She had no desire to go home and she certainly was not going to go back to work.  Her mother tried calling her cell phone several times.  After the fifth call, Arabella turned her phone off.  She was sick of her mother and did not want to see or talk to her.  How could she have been seeing a man for three years without telling me?  Who does she think she is?  I can’t have a new father!  She can’t get married!  This is just disgusting!  Atrocious!  Revolting!  She’s too old to get married again!  Father would be irate!  Arabella’s thoughts kept going through her head as she fumed in anger.  The day quickly passed as Arabella wandered through stores, walked through the park, and sat to watch the ships come into dock for the night.  It was late when Arabella decided that she had to go home.  She had nowhere else to go.  She hailed a cab and paid the hefty fee it took to get back home.  Arabella stood outside her house and saw that the lights were on.  Her mother was home.  She felt the pit of anger rise in her stomach again.  Somewhere in that house, her mother was flaunting the giant engagement ring she now wore.  She was wearing a ring given to her by another man in the same house she shared, and raised her only child in, with her husband.  Arabella wished she had somewhere else to go, but all her belongings were inside that house.  She took a deep breath and headed inside.

As expected, Clara was sitting in an over sized plush chair in the grand entryway.  When she saw Arabella, she jumped up and ran to her.  She pulled Arabella into a hug and quickly kissed her cheek, “Arabella!  I have been so worried about you!  I was afraid that you wouldn’t come back.  Don’t scare your mother like that ever again!”  Arabella stepped out of her mother’s embrace and headed towards the staircase to go to her bedroom.  “Arabella!  Young lady!  We need to talk about your behavior.  The way you treated Ralph and I.  The way you stormed out of work.  And the way you were late tonight and kept your mother worrying!  This is all unacceptable!”  Arabella spun around and faced her mother, “UNACCEPTABLE? UNACCEPTABLE?  MOTHER!  Seeing a man behind your daughter’s back is unacceptable!  Accepting a proposal from him without even letting her meet him is unacceptable!  And then expecting her to call him her stepfather?  That…THAT is UNACCEPTABLE!  If anyone’s behavior here is unacceptable, it’s your’s!”  Arabella turned back around and ran for the stairs.  She ran up them and went right into her room, slamming the door behind her.  Clara showed up in her room not even a minute later.  “Arabella!  Just who do you think you are?  You should be happy that I have love again.  Do you want me to be some bitter, sorrowful widow for the rest of my life?  Don’t you want me to be happy?”  Arabella rolled her eyes, “Go away mother.”  “No!  We are talking about this right now Arabella.  You are acting like a child!  A CHILD!  You are 25-years-old.  I expect you to act your age and maturely talk to me about this.”  “I don’t have to talk to you about this!”  “Oh, yes, you do.  You live under my roof and don’t forget that you work at my studio.”  “Fine!  I’ll move out!”  Clara laughed, “And go where?  And do what?  Everything you own is mine!  I made a name out of you!”  Arabella had an urge to slap her mother.  She raised her hand, but Clara caught onto it and gripped it hard.  “OW!”  “How DARE you speak to me like you have been!  You are MY daughter!  I practically OWN you.  You will not be telling me how I live my life and you WILL accept this marriage.”  “Let go of me!”  “Do I make myself clear Arabella?”  “MOTHER!  LET GO OF ME!  YOU ARE HURTING ME!”  “I said…do I make myself clear?”  “FINE!  YES!”  Clara let go of Arabella and then straightened her dress, “Good….now, you embarrassed me at work today.  We will not have that ever again.”  Arabella crossed her arms tightly.  “I am expecting tomorrow to be a better day for you.  And Ralph is going to stop by tonight.  I would like you to get to know him.”  Arabella was fuming.  “You will be civil to him and be a nice young lady.”  “And what if I am not?”  Clara pursed her lips, “I don’t know what has gotten into you!  And to answer your question, if I find that you are the least bit disrespectful to Ralph, there will be severe consequences.”  “Oh….really?  What are you going to do, ground me?  I am 25-years-old mother!”  “I will figure something out and trust me, you won’t like it.”  “Whatever.”  “I’d watch your next move very carefully Arabella Mae.”  Arabella rolled her eyes.  “Go clean up.  I expect you to be downstairs in an hour.”  Clara left and closed the door behind her.  Arabella huffed and fell down onto her bed.

To spite her mother, Arabella showed up downstairs two hours later.  She looked in the formal dining room, but her mother was not there.  She looked in the kitchen and the formal sitting room, but still had not found Clara.  Finally, Arabella decided to go look in the study.  The door was closed and she could hear her mother’s voice.  “I just don’t know what I am going to do with her!  She is acting like a child!  She has never acted like this before!  Not even right after Richard died.”  “Clara, darling, I am sure she is just shocked.  She didn’t even know I existed.  Let me talk to her.  I am sure things will be fine after that.”  “I don’t know Ralph.  You don’t know how stubborn she can be.”  “Oh, Clara….It will be fine.  Maybe I can get your mind off of this for awhile.”  “Right…I doubt that.  She is so stubborn!”  There was some silence and then Arabella heard her mother let out a small laugh, “Oh…you were right!  That did work.  You are so good at that!”  “Then let’s do it some more.”  Arabella wanted to vomit.  She knocked on the door.  Clara quickly answered, “Come on in darling.”  Arabella turned the doorknob and slowly walked in.  She found Clara and Ralph sitting on the loveseat and holding hands.  She wanted to vomit even more.  “Hello darling!  I am so glad you came to join us!”  “Yes, I am too Arabella.  I would love to get to know you.  You mother has told me so much about you.”  Arabella nodded.  “Take a seat dear.”  Arabella sat down in a chair that was conveniently placed in front of the love seat .  “She certainly does look like you, Clara.”  “Oh, Arabella is beautiful.  She has her father’s eyes and hair.  She was a beautiful child.”  Ralph nodded.  Arabella looked down at the ground.  She couldn’t help but keep thinking about what a horrible day it had been.  “Soooo Arabella….do you like working at your mother’s studio?”  Arabella shrugged and mumbled, “I guess.”  Clara pursed her lips and glared at Arabella.  “Clara, maybe we should tell her how we met.”  “I suppose we could.”  “Arabella, I met your mother at a social event.  One of those campaign things.  I, of course, knew who she was before I met her.  So, I went and talked to her and we just sort of hit it off from there.”  Clara nodded.  “And you have been seeing each other behind my back?”  “Well, yes.  Some days, I would come to her studio.  Others, we would meet for lunch and such.”  Arabella shook her head and mumbled, “I can’t believe this.”  “Arabella, remember what I said earlier!”  Clara angrily mumbled.  Arabella rolled her eyes.  Clara was about to speak up again, but Ralph stopped her, “Darling, why don’t you step out for a little breather and let me talk to Arabella alone.  Maybe, that would help.”  “Are you sure?”  “Yes, I’ll be fine.”  “Well, okay.  If you insist.”  Ralph kissed Clara’s hand and she got up to leave.  “Remember, Arabella, if I hear anything about your attitude, there will be consequences.”  “She’ll be fine, Clara.  I’ll see you in a few.”  Clara nodded and left the study.

Arabella sat giving Ralph her best death glare, “Don’t even think about talking to me.  I am not going to call you my stepfather.  I will never approve of this marriage.  My mother loved my father and my father would never have wanted her to remarry.”  “I understand what you are saying Arabella.  And I know this must be hard for you.  But, your mother and I are in love.  We are going to get married and there is nothing you can do about it.”  “Right, if you are expecting to live in this house, I can make your life miserable.”  Arabella said.  “Listen here you little brat!”  Arabella’s mouth dropped open.  “Your mother and I are getting married and nothing you say or do is going to stop that.  And I would watch your steps because your heir to the Wetterman line could be in jeopardy.  And that would be a pity because you would be left with nothing.”  “HA!  That could never happen!  I am her only child.  I am the only heir.”  Ralph laughed, “Right.  Because your mother has hit menopause?  I am sure she still has a little chance of getting pregnant with my child.”  Arabella rolled her eyes, “You’re ridiculous.”  “You’re impossible.”  “I get that from my mother.”  “Right.”  Clara knocked on the door and entered, “How is everything going in here?”  “Oh, you are right, your daughter is impossible.”  “Arabella!”  Arabella stood up in rage, “I CAN’T STAND THIS ANYMORE!  I AM NOT A CHILD!  I WILL NOT HAVE A STEPFATHER!  YOU WILL NOT GET MARRIED AND I WILL NEVER APPROVE OF THIS!”  Arabella ran out the door and straight out of the house.  Clara removed her shoes and chased after her.
Arabella ran and knew her mother was following her.  For some reason, that gave her great pleasure.  She knew her mother didn’t do cardio.  Clara was more of a yoga and pilates girl.  She had to laugh to herself when she started heading through the dark park and her mother was losing her.  Maybe she was acting like a child, but there was no reason for her mother to have done what she did.  She was well into the park when she heard a loud, shrill scream.  Arabella stopped and turned around.  It sounded like a woman’s scream.  No, it sounded like her mother’s scream.  Arabella looked and couldn’t see her mother anywhere.  Her heart started pounding in panic.  Her feet automatically started running as fast as they could go as she prayed in her head, Please, don’t let it be my mother.  Let her be okay.  I don’t mean what I said.  She can be happy.  She can get married. Please……Please…….Please……..Please.  Arabella’s heart was still beating a million times a minute.  She could feel and hear her heartbeat in her ears.  Finally, she came upon a woman laying on the ground.  Arabella’s heart stopped.  She fell to the ground and looked at the woman.  “MOTHER!”  Clara was breathing slowly and had blood dripping off her head.  “MOTHER! HELP! SOMEONE HELP!”  Arabella looked around, but no one was near.  She started wiping blood off her mother’s face with her shirt, “MOM!  WAKE UP!  PLEASE! SAY SOMETHING!”  Clara didn’t move.  Arabella remained panicked and started crying.  She had no cell phone.  Her mother had no cell phone.  “Mother, I am going for help!  Please!  Stay alive!”  Arabella took off in a dead run for the streets.  She found a passerby and stopped him, “Sir!  Sir, please!  I need help!  My mother….something happened.  She must have been attacked.  She is bleeding.  I need an ambulance.  NOW!”  The man quickly took out his cell phone and called for an ambulance.  “Where is she?”  “In the park.”  Arabella ran back to where her mother was and the man followed.  They got to the area Arabella knew Clara was.  She looked on the ground and saw Clara’s still wet blood, but no Clara.  In a panic, she looked at the surroundings.  She still didn’t see here.  “SHE’S GONE!  WHERE IS SHE?  WHERE IS SHE?  MOTHER!”  Arabella screamed as she fell to her knees and started bawling.

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Arabella’s Destiny #2

I took some much needed time to write more on Arabella’s Destiny.  So, for your reading pleasure….here is #2 of Arabella’s Destiny.  Enjoy! 🙂

If you are new to this story, you can find the first entry of this story here.


After being handed a quick breakfast, Arabella was whisked off to work with her mother.  As they entered Clara’s studio, Clara’s overly annoying blonde assistant, Lucille, was quick to greet them each with their morning coffee.  “Good morning Clara and Arabella!  Lovely weather we are having isn’t it?”  Clara took a sip of her coffee and glared at Lucille as she looked her up and down, “Lucille, what is it that you are hiding from me?”  “Why do you think I am hiding something?  Just stating a fact.”  Arabella rolled her eyes and glugged her coffee as fast as she could.  She was in need of some caffeine.  Mornings just were not her thing.  “Lucille, you are beating around the bush by making small talk.  What happened while my daughter and I were gone?”  Lucille took a deep breath, “Oh….it’s nothing…really…nothing…”  “Lucille…I demand you tell me….now!”  “Okay..okay..it’s just that the Stutsman client is here right now and the designs….well…they are locked away in your vault and only-”  “I know how to get in,” Clara interrupted angrily.  “When did she arrive?”  “About 15 minutes ago.”  “15 MINUTES AGO!”  Clara glared at Arabella, “Arabella, we really DO need to work on your skills of getting out of bed in the morning!  You are 25-years-old!  I shouldn’t have to pull you out of bed!  Now, look what you did!  You made me late for a very, VERY important client meeting!”  Arabella’s mouth dropped, “But….but mother…I…I’m sorry.”  “Close your mouth before a fly gets stuck in there!  Go get to work on the designs for Saturday’s show while I go clean up this mess you got me into!  I am expecting high quality work from you today Arabella.”  “Yes, mother…of course mother.”  Clara elegantly rushed off to her office.  Arabella stood still for a moment while she processed what had just happened.  Did she just get in trouble for not getting up in the morning?  I am NOT getting up at the crack of dawn…no way.  Arabella thought.  My mother is just absolutely positively crazy!  Maybe she’s hormonal.  Arabella’s thoughts were interrupted by someone waving a hand in front of her eyes, “Yooouuuu hoooouuuu…Arabella!  Anybody home?”  It was Arabella’s assistant, the ever trusty Corinna.  “Sorry Corinna..I just think that I just got yelled at-”  “By your mother.  It’s true.  You did.  I saw it with my own two eyes.  I am so sorry.  But, we better get working as I am sure your mother is quite serious about demanding that your designs are exceptional.  Let’s head to work and I will catch you up.”  Arabella followed Corinna and nodded along as her messages were read off.  

The two finally got to Arabella’s office and Arabella sat down with a groan.  She pulled out the designs and got to work, “I can’t believe my mother just yelled at me for not getting up in the morning!”  Corinna nodded, “She must be under a lot of stress right now.”  “Pluh..ease.  My mother…..stress?  Everyone does her work for her!  Maybe she’s menopausal.”  Corinna laughed, “Could be I guess.  Or, have you ever thought that it’s because you are her daughter.  Mother’s tend to nag at their daughters.”  “I know….she nags at me a lot, but never in front of people at work like that.  She says that we are partners at work.”  “But, you made her late.”  “Then she should have woken me up earlier!”  “She has a point.  She shouldn’t have to wake you up.  You are 25.”  “Hey!  Who’s side are you on anyway?  You’re my assistant.  Not her’s.  Remember?”  Corinna laughed and shook her head, “Yes, but your mother signs my paychecks.  Now, get busy.”  Arabella nodded and got back to working on a dress design.   

Half the day went by before Arabella made it out of her office.  She found it odd that her mother had not checked in with her yet.  Clara usually stopped in every two hours.  Arabella decided that maybe she needed to check up on her mother.  She neared her mother’s office and was about to open the door when she heard her mother’s high pitched sophisticated laugh, “Oh, Ralph!  Stop!”  Arabella needed to know what was going on.  She opened the door and found a tall dark haired man holding her mother around her waist.  “MOTHER?”  Clara quickly removed the man’s arms from around her and sped after Arabella, who was leaving the office.  “ARABELLA!  STOP!  I DEMAND YOU STOP NOW!”  Arabella ran to her office with tears in her eyes.  She could only imagine what her mother was up to with that man.  And, heavens, where it would have gone had she not walked in.  “ARABELLA MAE WETTERMAN!  STOP!”  Arabella got back to her office and tried slamming the door, but Clara had stopped it.  “I want you out of my office mother!”  “Corinna, could you please give my daughter and I some privacy?”  Corinna nodded, “Yes, Mrs. Wetterman.”  She got up to leave.  “Corinna, you can stay.  Mother is leaving,”  Arabella angrily stated.  Corinna looked at Clara and shook her head, “No, I will leave and give you two some space.”  She left and closed the door behind her.  “Arabella, let me explain.”  “NO!  Mother…NO!  I don’t want to hear it.”  “What you saw…..was nothing.”  “You mean there was no man alone with you, embracing you, and staring at you like he was wanting to make out with you?  Wow…I must just be crazy!”  “Arabella….I think it’s time I tell you something.  There is a man that I am in love with.  His name is Ralph.  That was who was in my office.”  “IN LOVE WITH?”  “Don’t be so shocked!  I am a woman too.  I have needs.  I am allowed to love!”  “But, what about father?  I thought he was your only love!”  “Arabella, your father has been dead for 10 years already.  Yes, I loved him with all of my life.  But, I get lonely at night.  I need a man.  You can’t expect me to live alone for the rest of my life.  Someday, you will get married and leave me.  I love Ralph.”  “Father wouldn’t like this.  It’s like you are cheating on him!”  “Your father would want me to be happy.  And our vows that we said stated until death do we part…well, he is dead.”  Arabella shook her head, “Why didn’t I know about him?”  “I was scared on how you would react.  You reacted just like I thought you would.”  Arabella rolled her eyes.  She was furious.  There was a soft knock on the door and the man poked his head in, “Clara, dear, I thought you could maybe…..use my help.”  Clara got a smile on her face and nodded sweetly, “Yes, Ralph, dear, please come in and meet my daughter, Arabella.”  Ralph came into the office and extended his hand to Arabella, “Arabella, it’s so nice to meet you.  Your mother talks about you so much.  You are as beautiful as she is!”  Arabella didn’t extend her hand to Ralph.  “Arabella!  Mind your manners!”  “Not now mother!  I refuse to get to know him.”  Ralph dropped his hand and nodded, “I understand Arabella.  You have a father and I am sure you miss him.  Seeing your mother with another man must be very disturbing.”  Arabella rolled her eyes again and crossed her arms.  “You don’t have to accept me Arabella, but there is something that your mother and I should probably tell you.”  Clara looked at Ralph, “Ralph….I don’t know if we should let her know yet.”  “No better time than now, dear.”  Ralph went over to Clara and took her left hand in his.  He took out a large box and removed a huge diamond ring from it.  He looked at Clara as he slid the ring over her left hand ring finger, “You see…..Arabella…..I have asked your mother to marry me and she has already said yes.”  The gigantic and dazzling diamond ring rested on Clara’s finger as she beamed down at it.  Ralph kissed Clara’s hand and then held it.  He turned to Arabella, “We are planning on announcing our engagement to each other at Saturday’s fashion show.”  Arabella wanted to faint.  She couldn’t believe this was happening.  She stood up and glared at Clara, “Is this true mother?”  “Yes, Arabella, darling, it is.  Ralph and I are going to get married to each other.  He is going to be your new stepfather.”  Arabella got furious, “NO!  HE WILL NEVER BE A FATHER TO ME!  I DON’T EVEN KNOW HIM!  YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HIM!”  “Yes, I do Arabella.”  “NO.  NO, YOU DON’T!”  “I do.  I want to marry him.  I will marry him and you have no say about this.  You are my daughter.  You have no say about how I live my life.  I will be happy again.  Your father left me with only you.  I need a man to love me Arabella.”  “HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN SEEING HIM?”   Clara looked down at the ground, “Three years.”  That did it.  Arabella stormed out of her office, slammed the door behind her, and ran out of the studio vowing never to return.    


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Arabella’s Destiny #1

Hello readers!  Here is what many of you are asking for.  This is the first entry to my new thriller.  I have the plot planned out, but will not give you any ideas as to what happens.  Let’s just say that it is definitely a thriller.  Maybe the suspense will keep you reading! 🙂  Feel free to rate, comment, or whatever else.  Just please be cool and do not replicate any of this without my permission.  So, without further ado, here is #1 of Arabella’s Destiny.  Enjoy!  ❤

Arabella was asleep in her bed and woke to the clacking of heels coming down the hard wood floors.  Click, clack, click, clack, click, clack.  It was a quick repetitious sound that was far worse than the morning melody of an army reveille played by an off key marching band.  She let out a deep sigh, as she listened to the click, clacks near her door.  The click, clacks stopped outside her door and Arabella heard the brass doorknob slowly turn.  She took in another sigh as she knew this was the moment she had to transform into the perfect woman, and most importantly, the perfect daughter.

Clara Wetterman, Arabella’s mother, came strolling into Arabella’s bedroom followed by the sound of her click, clacks announcing her arrival.  She was dressed in a properly pressed  magenta knee length dress and flawless hair and makeup.  Typical mother, thought Arabella.  Clara opened up the curtains in Arabella’s room and let in the sunlight, blinding Arabella.  Arabella quickly covered her head with her blankets and groaned.  “Arabella Mae Wetterman!  It is morning.  Time to get up so we can get off to work.  Get out of bed this instant!”  Arabella sighed and pulled the blanket off her head, “Yes, mother.  I will get up this instant.”  “Wonderful.  We have a big day ahead of us at the store today.”  Clara said with great enthusiasm.  Arabella groaned, “Isn’t every day a big day for you?”  Clara gave Arabella a death glare as she pursed her lips, “Arabella!  You have such an attitude today!  What is with you?  I demand you drop that attitude.”  Arabella nodded.  She knew better than to fight her mother, “Yes, mother.  I am sorry.”  Clara went up to Arabella.  She bent down and kissed Arabella’s forehead as Arabella got a whiff of her overwhelmingly sweet floral perfume.  Arabella routinely kissed Clara’s cheek back, “Good morning mother.”  “Good morning.  Now, up, up, up!”  Clara said as she clapped with each “up” to add emphasis.

Arabella heaved herself out of bed and stood before her mother.  Unlike her mother, she had brown hair, blue eyes, was a little pudgy, and did NOT like mornings.  Clara nodded in approval of Arabella getting out of bed and headed toward the door saying.  “Like I said, we have a big, big, BIG, day ahead of us!”  Arabella mockingly mimicked the same words behind her mother’s back.  “I’ll see you in a few!  Now, get going!”  Clara said as she closed the door behind her.  Arabella put her hand to her head and groaned.  She would have given anything to crawl back into bed and sleep for another half hour, but as Clara’s perfect daughter that was absolutely not a possibility.

Arabella quickly showered as she thought about being a 25-year-old single woman who still lived with her mother.  Pathetic, absolutely, horribly, terribly pathetic.  Thought Arabella.  But, moving out was not an option for her.  Clara Wetterman was the founder of the famous, elegant, and overwhelming expensive Wetterman clothing line.  Actresses, female politicians, socialites, and models died to wear Clara’s designs.  As the sole child of Clara, Arabella was the only heir to the Wetterman line.  Ever since birth, Arabella was destined to become the ruler of the Wetterman empire.  There was no other option.  Clara had taught Arabella the ways of designing clothes, putting on fashion shoes, and perfectly fitting the female body.  Clara also made it perfectly clear that Arabella was to get married to a proper man (preferably of noble social standing), produce perfect children, and take over the Wetterman clothing line.  It certainly wasn’t her dream, but it was her destiny.

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