Loving Myself and Others Journal


I sit here staring at my screen and typing ferociously to try and get out the stress of my day and life.  Work has been getting harder and harder, as well as less rewarding for me.  It has made me hate my life even more.  I am sure all of you know by now that I am in a VERY dark and deep depression.  I see nothing good about myself.  I don’t love myself and I don’t feel loved by others.  This post ties into my last blog post:  One Wish.

I have decided that I need to start learning to love myself and others again.  I need to try to do this.  If I want to feel loved, then I guess the first part is loving myself again.  Therefore, I am embarking on a very difficult journey.  You, dear readers, are going to be reading posts by me that follow my “Loving Myself and Others Journey.”  These posts will be titled “Loving Myself and Others Journal #__.”  In these journals I am going to be going into depth about things about me and others.  I am going to be trying to find things I love about myself.  This may require doing new things and branching out a bit.  So, wish me luck as I start this journey.  We will see where it goes.


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