My Story

Hello all!  Let me tell you a bit about my story, as I am sure some of you may be interested.  I am in my mid-20’s and trying to figure out this crazy world and life.  I am the youngest of 6 kids.  Recently, I have been going through some tough times in my life.  I lost my mother 10 years ago and my father three months ago (Late March, 2015).  My parents were my main support in my life and I took both deaths very hard.  I had a hard time admitting to my mother’s death (as I was only a young teen and she was literally my best friend) and was forced to cope with both deaths when my father passed.   Besides one sister, my siblings and I don’t really have relationships with one another, so I don’t really have a support system there.  Family isn’t really a concept that makes sense to me right now and sometimes I get overwhelmed when I am surrounded by other people’s families.

After my father’s death, I felt abandoned and very alone.  My deep grief, and these feelings, threw me into a spiral that led to a deep depression (yes, I will admit, there were even suicidal thoughts).  Like everyone else with depression, I have bad days and I have good days.  I see a therapist and take some medications to help me.  I also get my daily dose of God.  There is a story behind that.  Here is the story:

I was in a very, very, very, deep depression right after my father passed away.  It was during this that I had spiritual experiences.  I actually felt God’s comfort and love.  I have always been a Christian, but these experiences made me a completely different kind of Christian who now understands how to turn to God and use His Word during my depressive state.  So, follow me, read frequently, like, comment, send me a message, whatever you need to do to learn from my experience or find comfort that you are not alone if you are experiencing the same sort of things in your life.

In January of this year, I started on a fitness journey that has change my life.  I started with Beachbody fitness programs and have not looked back.  60 pounds have been shed and my outlook on life became more positive.  As I continually work on becoming the best version of me, I will post about my journey.  So, look for some of those posts as well!



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